LED chip links to reduce costs

LED chip links to reduce costs

In addition to the wafer can master the high-voltage LED chip technology and mass production, domestic crystal power, Di source, crystal Branch also original on-chip architecture developed a high-voltage chip, and mass production.

expand the production capacity to achieve economies of scale

enterprises, in order to reduce the chip costs, an important trend is based on the integration of the value chain and enterprise to expand the capacity of the overall large-scale development.

present, in order to “winter” in the market to break out how to really reduce costs, and how to achieve increased per dollar lumen is the most important the. Some experts predict that chip prices will decline substantially even individual over 50% of the decline, but not like this year, I believe that with the entire upstream technology continues to improve its cost or the technical improvements to obtain a relatively large decline in space. At the meeting, most experts believe that the HV LED will become mainstream. Michael Holt, CEO of Philips Lighting Company, said the closing ceremony of the General Assembly on the performance of Philips products in 2020 will reach 200 lumens per watt, he said “The bigger the chip can achieve higher efficiency, but we do not have the solution to high current to maintain high current and high efficiency, then, we can achieve our goals. Solid-state lighting is actually touched a lot of industry, and our attention to focus on a differentiated business model, not a technical or luminous efficiency of differentiation, we want the value to tell us the end user,pipe and fittings. and then come up with the model used, with the adoption of our income, have income in order to promote technology development in turn will drive competition, and competition will lead to further cost reduction, so that it can win such a model can achieve 10 times the cost reduction. Mature low-power chips due to the heat dissipation problem easy to solve and low prices, but also into many enterprises to reduce the cost of the product of choice. According to Di source photoelectric aspects of its self-developed HVLED production luminous efficiency of 115 lm / W, the theoretical light efficiency value of 130 lm / W luminous efficiency is increased by about 10%, continued to light up 1000 hours Output power attenuation were less than 2%.

Epistar aspects introduced in CHINASSL2011H its HVLED progress, before they are combined with many small chip to meet the demand under the high voltage, but now They developed a new flip chip technology, a chip to meet the high-voltage, lower than the cost together with a small chip arrangement can help customers reduce costs to a large extent. Epistar in Taiwan, AUOs manufacturers Lunda, also claimed in 2011 to further expand the 4-inch chip-chip production technology.

improve the luminous efficiency and the development of large-size

chip in the LED lighting share of the proportion of maximum, and the technological monopoly links.

“In addition, many companies believe that the way of the array, and free way of sorting can be to some extent, reduce the chip cost. “

order to improve production efficiency, more and more LED chip factory to accelerate investment in 4-inch, or even six-inch chip production capacity expansion. And “cost reduction” is one of the key words of the conference, representatives of the different aspects of the industry chain, production process improvements, application of new technologies, as well as the whole industry chain modularization have carried out a thorough explore.

 “Overcapacity problem, this year to achieve the last objective on cost reduction Michael Holt, CEO of Philips Lighting. Love thinking stronger on November 8 launched a new MOCVD equipment – 19  4 inches of new specifications the CRIUS? II-XL reactor can choose to use the wafers of any size from 2 inches to 8 inches on the hardware Simply replace the graphite plate, the adjustment does not require additional hardware or process. The meeting, love the thinking strong R & D vice president Mr. Michael Heuken, said in an interview with a reporters question, “large-size substrate film is a development trend, while the 4-inch, 6 inch, 8-inch substrate is an inevitable trend.

        high voltage LED will become the future mainstream from the first half of 2010, Cree, Nichia and Lumileds have announced the development of the HV (high voltage) LED chips, and October the same year, Epistar blue 1W, 50V,aluminum welder. 20mA chip and high-brightness red 0.7W, 35V, 20mA chip. Current lighting market, LEDs in recent years to replace cheap light source is not likely, mainly because the purchase cost is still too high. At the meeting, Philips, GE, Osram Long and other large international companies after 10 years reduced by 10 times the target, Fujian IMC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. launched 8W 810 lumens, the whole lamp retail price of 39.8 yuan LED bulbs, has also become industry a hot debate in some sense to stimulate the industry has been cost-troubled nerves. South Koreas Samsung was mainly used in 2010 to 4-inch machine mass production of LEDs, Philips Lumileds announced the mass production of 6-inch LED chip but also at the end of 2010. Enhancement of luminous efficiency, large-scale development can make the costs are greatly reduced, effectively increasing the cost of LED lighting products. HV LED chip package and low cost, efficient warm white, high drive power efficiency, low line loss advantage.

TV backlight growth has slowed down, and cost issues, as well as a huge consumer awareness of the lighting market is still completely open, the LED industry, is facing the most difficult moment. Reduce the cost of a variety of factors, the chip is obviously the most important chip prices this year, with the enhancement of luminescence efficiency and the expansion of production capacity by 30% -40% decline, but there is still considerable space needs efforts. CHINA SSL as the worlds semiconductor lighting the first major event, bringing together the global semiconductor lighting industry giants and top experts, has become an important platform for exchange of technical information products in the field of international semiconductor lighting.

         Cree, senior director of market and product applications, Mike Watson, there is another turn insights in CHINASSL2011 at the closing session, he thinks to talk about 10 times. reduce the cost and improve the luminous efficiency these issues are wrong, the focus should shift from the light effects acceptable degree of the problem to consider is the commercial aspects. November 8-10, 2009, CHINA SSL2011 was held in Guangzhou, representatives from countries and regions in the world come together in three days, in-depth discussion of the government, industry, companies should be in such a situation, how to think about how to face right, the meeting passed a lot of positive signals, injected a shot in the arm for the industry. GE believes that the drive for personal consumption price of around $ 10, while there are still some distance.

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