German parts supplier intends to invest in India in 2013

German parts supplier Continental AG recently said it will be before 2013 at least 80 billion rupees ( $ 150 million ) investment to India .

Continental said it will invest 5 billion rupees to improve productivity, enhance R & D capabilities . In addition, it will invest 3.3 billion rupees into the radial tire market in India .

Continental Executive Board member HelmutMatschi details explained continent annually to its plant in India to invest Rs 1 billion to upgrade the electronics devices , annual investment in R & D center in India 1.5 billion rupees.

Matschi also said Continental’s 2011 acquisition of India Modi tire , tire manufacturers , tire factory in mainland will Modi to invest 50 million euros (about Rs 3.3 billion ) , The plant will be launched in 2013 passenger cars and commercial vehicles with radial tires .