China’s high-end casting, casting products will be unveiled casting Fair

According to media reports, data show that China’s foundry industry’s development is at a rise. Various types of high-end foundry, casting product after another. Will be held the 11th China International Foundry Fair is these products into a golden opportunity to domestic and foreign markets. It is reported that the Fair will highlight the high-end quality casting, displaying a green cast concept to demonstrate energy efficient casting equipment and environment-friendly casting materials and technology. At the same time, the show’s viewers will see the single piece weight of tens of thousands of small, medium and large castings from a few grams to over a hundred tons of all kinds, from Wuxi Heavenly Stems Heavy Industries Holdings Limited to 160 tons net rudder horn the casting is one of important parts of the large crude oil tankers; large-scale bio-generator parts from the Ningxia sharing Group, Antarctic expedition ship driven equipment components; from Xingtaigagun machinery Co., Ltd. advanced high-speed steel rolls, colored roll sets; many high-end from Changchun FAW Group’s self-developed series of die-casting aluminum alloy cylinder block casting quality, these products represent the advanced level of the foundry industry in the 21st century.