50 years experience of the National Foundry Association

50 years, the National Foundry Society shoulder the important task of promoting development and technological progress of China’s foundry industry and foundry industry in China to grow together, to overcome difficulties, to witness the brilliant achievements of the Chinese foundry industry. 2012 coincides with the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Foundry Branch (National Foundry Society) to the 50th anniversary of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Foundry branch in Suzhou Foundry Week around the country Foundry Society 50th anniversary celebrations commence casting the thematic meetings of various technical areas and to organize the 14th Chinese mechanical Engineering Society Foundry professional “Fu Shike Cup excellent paper contest awards, the first and the second session of the Chinese mechanical Engineering Society of China Foundry lifetime Achievement Award” and “China Foundry outstanding contribution Award” award activities , will be held the second meeting of the Council of the ninth and the second-sixth of the work conference of the Secretary-General; and will be held casting Products and Technology Showcase.