2012 characteristics of the development of Vietnam ‘s construction machinery industry and the future

Vietnam is a weak country in the manufacturing industry early in the Vietnamese rely on the assistance of China and the Soviet Union built up. From the 90s of last century, one after another, China, Taiwan, Korea, the Japanese companies to invest in Vietnam. The main Japanese investment in Vietnam in the motorcycle industry; China plastic machinery and packaging machinery; more South Korean investment in real estate, and then later have some manufacturing to enter. Especially in South Vietnam, all the manufacturing equipment are relying on foreign imports.
The Wang Shoubo Commissioner said that the Vietnamese agents are divided into two categories, one is the local state-owned enterprises in Vietnam; other private agents. In recent years, private agents for the development of enterprises more quickly. In general, the construction machinery dealer in South Vietnam is dedicated, as South Vietnam’s construction machinery industry agents do most of the Chinese corporate style of doing things more positive efforts.
On the speed of development of enterprises, Wang Shoubo, the Commissioner said agents the pace of development depends on the company of our products, sales of more affordable products in Vietnam, the other is determined by the properties of the product market the properties. Agents of products must be suitable for this market in Vietnam, there have been cases, an enterprise rotary drilling rig was sold in Vietnam, but there are some of the problems exposed in the construction process. The rotary drilling rig to drill some parts of the low-lying Vietnam after playing out full of water, Tong Jiao note is a problem. Later, this device is improved according to the needs of the local construction environment, the sales here pretty good. Therefore, Chinese enterprises in order to enter into this market, we must first do some research on the work environment of Vietnam, the locals of machinery operating level to develop a suitable Vietnamese local products. Vietnam, for example, local rain more, hot climate, mechanical products, corrosion resistance, heat resistance will be stronger.
Vietnam’s construction machinery market in the future development of
It is understood that the Vietnamese government’s plan, the Vietnamese market in the next 10 years will have $ 160 billion project can be developed, including 5000 km of highways, 300-400 km of rail and port. Will have a lot of investment flows from the private sector and public sector infrastructure projects.
The Vietnamese Government is also encouraging public-private partnership model, the way has been proven effective way for Vietnam’s infrastructure projects to raise funds. This mode is very attractive because in the construction, management and finance areas, including financial, regulatory and administrative support of the private sector with public sector combined.
Vietnam Ministry of Construction said that overseas investors in Ho Chi Minh City began looking for more real estate development projects, the Government has licensing these real estate projects. Vietnam currently planning large projects: the Westward Movement and the Vietnam National Administration Center, at the same time. The program of work lasted 40 years in two phases, is expected to spend $ 90 billion to complete. In addition, there is the harbor system construction (expected to invest $ 5 billion), of Longcheng airport construction ($ 12 billion), capital construction plan ($ 60 billion) and 18 highway construction ($ 48,000,000,000) and so on. Some experts believe that these items any one of the actual operation of all Vietnam’s financial ends meet. Thus, Vietnam is a sense of urgency to accelerate economic development through infrastructure-led development of the domestic economy.
Vietnam infrastructure projects is on the rise, the level of economic development with China in the 1980s approximation, the engineering machinery the urgent needs of excavators, bulldozers, graders, rollers, lifts, tower cranes, concrete mixing equipment, steel, automotive Crane, pile driving machinery and other products.
At present, the very strong demand for machinery and technology in Vietnam, Vietnam local industry still in its infancy, can not meet the needs of social development, machinery and equipment in more than 90 percent dependent on foreign imports. Construction machinery company in Vietnam in view of the consumers in the country’s lack of confidence in the local mechanical subscribe, and therefore would rather signed with foreign enterprises in machinery procurement contract or import contracts. The current bottleneck in the development of the construction machinery industry in Vietnam is not easy to be broken and the downturn in domestic and foreign machinery imports accounted for 50 percent of Vietnam’s total imports. Chinese construction machinery enterprises, it is a rare development opportunity.
Vietnamese market development and stability, growth continued, especially the last two years of road and bridge construction is accelerating. But the only reliable, quality products at reasonable prices and have a real market.