Zhengzhou peak sixth generation of Sand gravel aggregate with the best grain shape

Zhengzhou peak sixth generation of Sand gravel aggregate with the best grain shape

coarse aggregate concrete skeleton, grain shape, workability and strength properties have a significant effect on the experiment with the process of practice at the same time to prove, with the elongated coarse aggregate content increases, the concrete and Yi poor, lower intensity, therefore, the needle of the aggregate, the flaky particle content control sand production line in a certain range the intrinsic system is especially important.

well known, Sand has a pivotal position in the entire production line, mainly for aggregate shaping to contribute. With the depletion of natural resources, an increasing number of artificial sand, sand making machine on the market an array of varying quality. Domestic well-known Crusher enterprises in Zhengzhou peak Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., with decades of development experience, Sand production line of the companys successful use at home and abroad.

It is understood that peak sand production line performance is superior, first, initial crushing by vibrating feeder to the stone evenly sent to the crusher.prv valve. Then, the material fed by belt conveyor to the sand making machine for further crushing and after crushing the material conveyor belt conveyor to vibrating screen for screening. Finally, to achieve the finished size requirements of materials into the sand washing machine cleaning, cleaning, shall be finished by the conveyor output; does not meet the finished size requirements of materials returned from the shaker Sand re-processing, the formation of closed-loop recycled many times.

The production line mainly consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, belt conveyor, sand washing machine and fine sand recovery system system components. Finished Size according to the needs of users to be combined and graded. Among them, the sixth generation of the sand making sand production line to become the industry ratio and a production line.

According to the the heyday company R & D Chief Engineer Meng introduced: in the quarries, stones factory work, sand making the labor intensity of the larger, so select a stable performance and good wear resistance Sand is particularly important , the sixth generation of Sand on the use of a new type of crushing chamber type with wheels and an increase, increased power,epoxy casting. crushing efficiency of 35% -50% higher than the traditional process equipment, greater yield the same time, a sixth generation The shaping effect of the sand is very good, finished gravel gradation and fineness modulus is adjustable. the most important is the sixth generation sand making energy saving to meet the call of todays green development, low noise, low vibration, dust promote the sustainable development of the gravel industry. “