-Twelve- to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of low-voltage electrical industry

“Twelve” to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of low-voltage electrical industry

“Twelve” to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of low-voltage electrical industry

of low voltage electrical industry in the economic situation is unstable, complex and changing international economic environment, low-voltage electrical raw material prices continue to tend to a high and rising labor costs, rapid increase in adverse difficult situation to spend the first year of the “12th Five-Year”.

the joint efforts of many entrepreneurs, corporate management team and industry-wide employees, in the past year, the low-voltage electrical industry in China has achieved a new development. Industry-wide production of low-voltage electrical products increased by about 10%; low-voltage electrical industry output increased by about 15%. Low-voltage electrical industry in China Changshu, Chint, the people of Shanghai, West Germany, represented by a number of outstanding companies in the rapid growth momentum of development. Chint, Suzhou, France and Thailand, Shanghai Liang letter, Wuxi Fergus Changzhou Luokai, Ashkelon and other parts of outstanding enterprises last years sales growth remained at around 30%.

However, with the low-voltage electrical industry, raw material costs, labor costs, financial costs are rising, while the low-voltage electrical products price competition continues, resulting in overall profit growth a downward trend. A lot of good companies, including Changshu Switchgear Manufacturing (limited) it is difficult to change this trend. Of course, the overall level of profits for these outstanding companies in the industry is still in the advanced level. Maintain rapid growth, there are still a few outstanding corporate profits in such a big situation and Chint, Suzhou, France and Thailand, Shanghai Liang letter, Wuxi new Fergus,http://www.china-steel-parts.com. Changzhou Luokai such as corporate profits growth remains above 20% -30%.


of low-voltage electrical industry facing both opportunities and challenges

2012 Chinas low-voltage electrical industry is facing the The situation is still the opportunities and challenges, from the overall situation, the opportunities outweigh the challenges.


industry development opportunities

1, Chinas sustained economic development trend in favor of low-voltage electrical industry

of “Twelve” GDP average growth target of 7% of total GDP in 2015 to over 55 trillion yuan. The same time, the “12th Five-Year Plan, the grand development objectives and macroeconomic background of continued growth, fixed asset investment, industrial production and overall consumption, in particular the towns of rapid population growth will boost generating capacity and the use of growth in electricity consumption. Therefore, the low-voltage electrical future development of the market space will continue to enlarge.

2, “Twelfth Five” innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading of low-voltage electrical industry upgrade

” 12th Five-Year Plan explicitly called for the strengthening of economic development mode transformation, the promotion of technological innovation.


of low voltage electrical industry mass-produced, low-end products consume a large amount of raw materials, consuming energy, it also brings high-emission is not conducive to the development of low-carbon economy. Transformation, will face the double constraint of resources and the environment. But will meet some of the outstanding enterprises in recent years is developing the third generation of improved products and the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical performance, high reliability, intelligence, networking requirements, and comply with the requirements of miniaturization, low power consumption and green. Low-voltage electrical product design, research and development mainly to the innovative design transition from the generic design.


development of Chinas power industry will continue to promote the development of low-voltage electrical industry,

in recent years of additional electrical equipment capacity over the UK, Germany, the current total installed capacity of power generation equipment, but the analysis of per capita consumption level, China is still at a low level. 2010 Chinas per capita electricity consumption rather the United States in the 1950s, the United Kingdom in the 1960s in Japan the last century, the 1970s. Therefore, in the long run, Chinas generating capacity is not a surplus but also the great room for development.

“12th Five-Year” period, the total electricity consumption is expected to average annual growth of around 8.5% in 2015 to reach 6.27 trillion kwh.

total electricity investment than the “Eleventh Five-Year growth of 68 percent to 5.3 trillion yuan, including distribution equipment investment of nearly one trillion yuan National installed capacity of power generation equipment an average annual increase of 9.34 percent five years to add capacity than the “Eleventh Five-Year” additional capacity to achieve a doubling of growth.

With the increasing power equipment, low voltage electrical equipment market, continued growth is self-evident. The demand for replacement of old products will be incremented in accordance with 15-20% of the electrical output of a decade ago.

4, the comprehensive construction of the smart grid will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of low-voltage electrical industry

2011 – 2020 will be the main period of the smart grid construction, smart grid size of the total investment is expected to close to 4 trillion yuan. Smart grid has entered an important stage of all-round construction, intelligent building of urban and rural distribution network will be fully opened, and equipment for the smart grid and smart, intelligent power distribution, control system will usher in the golden period of development. At the same time, it will accelerate Chinas low-voltage electrical products upgrading and low-voltage electrical market re-segmentation. This is the third generation improvement, the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical R & D capability, manufacturing enterprises is bound to be a “Gospel”.

new round of rural power grids will give low-voltage electrical companies bring new opportunities for development

is expected that the country will have 500 billion yuan investment in this the first time in ten years a new round of rural power grid renovation project. The rural power grids will give low-voltage electrical market is expected to bring an increase in the explosive. Many experts have not forgotten the tender of low-voltage electrical products in the Ninth Five-Year Plan “period of rural power grids is too much emphasis on product prices, resulting in a large number of poor product performance in a number of medium and low grade low-voltage electrical use in the rural power grid. It brought many hidden dangers to the safe and reliable operation of rural power grids, the rural power grids must be emphasized that the electrical equipment, product quality, product performance and product reliability.

6, a new generation of low-voltage electrical is about to put on the market is bound to bring about industry restructuring and upgrading

Chinas new generation of low-voltage electrical emphasize at the outset the independent innovation, to rid itself of imitation-based R & D model. Put forth a new generation of products should be a major breakthrough in the application of new technologies, new product structure should be a major innovation, new product performance, functionality should be a major upgrade. Should be able to fully meet the requirements of the development of the smart grid and distribution system, while stressing the green, environmental protection, high reliability. Do not have the ability to innovate, product design, manufacturing capacity and equipment behind low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturer in the industry reshuffle, face elimination, and third-generation, high-end fourth-generation low-voltage electrical products, ability to innovate, manufacturing equipment, advanced enterprise will further stand out in market competition, low-voltage electrical industry and product concentration may be further improved.

7, overcurrent protection technologies have been gradually cause the power system and power unit attaches importance to

overcurrent protection for new technologies in next-generation products on the market, and gradually lead to the great importance of the power system and power units. It will fundamentally change the low-voltage circuit breaker selected concept. At present, Chinas low-voltage distribution system and low voltage electrical Although selective protection, but the selective protection is incomplete. The new generation of low voltage circuit breakers full current, full range of selective protection (referred to as the full selective protection) concept. It will completely change the existing distribution system overcurrent selective protection, confined within the range of the circuit breaker short time delay setting current, more than the current loss of selective protection. In addition, the existing terminal distribution system without selective protection of the main switches are current-limiting switch. So, from the building terminal distribution system in the strict sense, especially the millions of households electricity system does not have a selective protection. The new generation of conventional circuit breaker to achieve Icu = Ics = Icw, and with a regional interlock module. The new generation of molded case circuit breaker with interlocking module part limiting the selective protection and with a regional, as well as small circuit breakers with selective protection SMCB the birth of the distribution system to create the necessary conditions to achieve full selective protection.

it will be a major breakthrough for Chinas low-voltage distribution system overcurrent protection technology. Has far-reaching economic significance and social benefits.

8, outstanding domestic enterprises constantly concerned about, followed by, beyond the foreign companys products

foreign The famous low voltage appliance manufacturers in recent years has introduced new products and marketing, to some extent “incentive” outstanding domestic enterprises constantly concerned about keeping up, beyond the products of foreign companies, or they will lose their competitiveness in the market.

industry is facing challenges

1, low-voltage electrical industry research and new product R & D investment significantly hinder low-voltage electrical industry for sustainable development.

low-voltage electrical products across multiple disciplines are integrated, technology-intensive professional. Related technologies, new materials, new technology development will lead to the birth of a new generation of low voltage electrical, but also need to have a large number of inputs. According to the statistics of foreign outstanding enterprises in low-voltage electrical products of scientific research, R & D investment can be achieved total sales of about 7%. Of low-voltage electrical industry average investment in 1-2% of total sales outstanding enterprises in about 3%.

in the low-voltage electrical new technology, new products continue to evolve and the context of smart grid development and safe use of electricity is receiving increasing attention, if low-voltage electrical industry in China without large research and new product R & D investment does not increase based on common technology, rapid increase in the capability of independent innovation, and will obstruct our low-voltage electrical industry in sustainable development, and loss of competitiveness in the market.

2, low-voltage electrical manufacturing costs upward trend is irreversible

of low-voltage electrical, low-grade products still in mass production, these products are bulky and consume a large amount of precious metals silver and copper, ferrous metals, plastics and other materials. Much of the material is subject to international market price. So the situation of low-voltage electrical high raw material prices continue to rise even situation will be difficult to change.

In addition, the shortage of funds, rising financial costs and staff salaries rapid increase to bring the personnel costs are also irreversible. It will inevitably lead to low-voltage electrical production declining profits. Many companies in the profit and loss state. Enterprises to increase scientific research, new R & D and investment in technological reform difficult.

3, abroad with the brand impact and domestic monopoly industries to join the outstanding enterprises of domestic low-voltage electrical worse

4, many manufacturers of low-voltage electrical industry, counterfeiting and price competition still exists, so that low-voltage electrical products in the low-profit status, the original has led to the development of low-voltage electrical industry play a major role in products such as the DW45 universal circuit breaker profit also decreased significantly.

5, the difficulties caused by low-voltage electrical R & D mode change.

with the market economy continues to grow, led by the Institute, the industry-wide pattern of production of the joint design of new products have been completely broken. Followed by differentiation independent research and development of new products. So caused by an external low-voltage electrical accessories, the major component manufacturers trial workload, a significant increase in trial costs, attachments or parts of each production batch reduce, it is difficult to form a production scale, it is difficult to generate profits. Annex factory are not enthusiastic to the whole plant to develop new products difficult.


“Our low-voltage electrical overall development trends

development personalized, with independent property rights has become the first choice for most enterprises, each enterprise should be based on the positioning of the enterprise to determine the three-level products to meet the market needs of different levels.

2, excellent enterprises are considering a new generation of low-voltage electrical R & D work carried out for its own business characteristics. Should have the following basic conditions for a new generation of low-voltage electrical low-voltage electrical industry.

(1) new technologies, new processes, new materials and application of a major breakthrough or major innovation

p style = “text-indent: 2em ;> (2) the product structure have a significant innovation

(3) the product performance and functionality have been greatly improved and extended

(4) R & D and design means there is a major breakthrough

(5) product manufacturing processes and equipment have more to upgrade that do not have enterprises to develop products of the above conditions, on the basis of the existing third-generation products to improve and perfect as a new generation of enterprise products.

3, the first batch of eight outstanding enterprises by the joint industry of Shanghai Electric Division Group of four series of next-generation products will begin next year and gradually to the market. Low-voltage electrical market will re-partition:

(1) of the first generation of products will be in the “12th five basic or completely eliminated

(3) the third generation of products will become a new generation of low-voltage electrical market leading products

(4) will become the high-end products and the development direction of the low-voltage electrical market

< p style = "text-indent: 2em;"> 4, with the marketing of a new generation of products and enhance market competitiveness, a new generation of cost-effective, small, low-cost, the popularization standard products has caused concern, such The characteristics of the product should meet the following requirements.

(1) appropriate to reduce the performance indicators, can meet about 70 percent use the occasion calls for.

(2) Product full-featured, high reliability.

(3) product miniaturization and low cost.

5, low-voltage electrical system integration and overall solution has attracted the attention of more and more enterprises, an enterprise system integration and overall program one step ahead, it possible step ahead in the competition in the market. To this end, in the following areas to carry out in-depth study.

(1) the typical low-voltage distribution system programs and a variety of low voltage circuit breaker selection principles and performance of coordinated research.

(2) low-voltage distribution and control network systems: including network systems, the overall system solution, all kinds of communication low voltage electrical, and other supporting components, selection and coordination with each other.

(3) distribution system overcurrent protection for the overall solution, which aims to achieve the full range in a very short period of time, the selective protection of the full current

(4) the distribution system (including the new energy system) over-voltage protection of the overall solution.

(5) various types of motor starters, control and protection of the overall solution

(6 ) power system ATSE selection of the overall solution

6, a new generation of product development with intelligent network features, not only with a variety of fieldbus systems seamless connectivity, but also direct connection with the Industrial Ethernet. Intelligent functions should continue to expand, and the emergence of distribution electrical and control electrical cross-cutting, integrated intelligent functions to better meet the needs of the smart grid. But such as smart grid, the ACB is not a single protection of electrical measurement, inspection, control, protection, pipe five functional focus and integrated into an integrated, multi-function switch electrical equipment.