Tianshui Metalforming Machine Tool Company production safety to implement in practice

Tianshui Metalforming Machine Tool Company production safety to implement in practice

2012 at 8:00 am, the deputy general manager of Tianshui Metalforming Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Hui rate Qu Bin assistant general manager Hong Sun, Zan Yao-Jie and equipment security technology related staff of a special safety inspection of each production unit.

the special inspection in order to meet the carried out in the country in June, a 11 “Safety Month” activities and the implementation of the June the spirit of the gantry crane site meetings of the Corporation held on the 5th, during a raid carried out by special inspection activities designed to improve employee safety awareness, the implementation of the safety responsibility system.

in a factory, the inspection team came to lifting District, view the hoisting equipment is complete, retaining iron and other special spreader whether to implement. Tension ordered as a factory production site, workers are working, all safety measures are in place, employees work correctly wearing labor protective equipment, the women all wearing cap, intense work. In this regard, the inspection team recognized and affirmed.

the heavy workshop, the inspection team first look at a variety of lifting equipment is placed where the security measures put in place. In the two plants,compressed air pipe. three plants, the inspection team should look at a variety of lifting set, especially the protection of iron, non-slip blocks and other equipment in place. During the inspection, the chairman of the second factory director Yuan Xinsheng said: “Your branch is very critical, especially large in the lifting process, but also to implement protective measures, must not be any problems. Yuan Xinsheng factory manager must pay attention to safety, put in place.

Subsequently, the inspection team on the five branch libraries, the days of the company, four branch supply at the gantry site, etc. detailed examination. In the fourth branch, the inspection team to see, the placing of a variety of lifting equipment in place, a variety of processing equipment and orderly placed, giving the impression that professional, neat, orderly, and safe, the chairman of praise.

in the supply at the gantry site, we checked particularly carefully, the supply at the security measures are in place, all kinds of lifting equipment to implement are particularly concerned that the more you want to view. Until he saw a variety of lifting equipment in use, alternate lifting equipment is placed in place. At the same time, he suggested that these lifting equipment set management, unified tag placed in the place of lifting equipment, strengthen management, to better implement security.

in a special safety inspection, check the safety of the group focus on examination of overhead traveling crane, lifting equipment, implementation of fire-fighting equipment to the implementation of days turner insulation shoes were examined, the inspection found that the days turner can effectively wear protective equipment,aluminum railings. safe operation, safe production.

security is extremely heavy, the company conscientiously implement the company “safety first, quality first” the “two firmly grasp the concept, the security does not relax with the Safety Month activities have positive and effective grip on security, to mention the quality of promoting production, good image, style show.


Tianshui Metalforming Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. to implement real security at work, production, the company leaders thinking about the safety of employees hearts filled with security, production safety, safe operation. Corporations safety in manufacturing special inspections adhere to the “people-oriented” of the scientific development concept, to care for our staff, care staff reflects the implementation of the safety in production the whole process, both the peoples livelihood concept of the embodiment, also the implementation of the embodiment of responsibility, to the staff of the Department on wearing a seat belt, safety in production to implement in practice.