The Western CIEME Top Ten selection popped up the -dark horse- possibility of

The Western CIEME Top Ten selection popped up the “dark horse” possibility of

The Western CIEME Top Ten selection popped up the “dark horse” possibility of

2012 the western CIEME Ten selection was officially launched, and began a business registration and voting period. May 31 – June 11, 100 promotion stage of the award. Celebrity name enterprise registration at this stage every day, but also to attract supporters to vote to follow, seemingly can not see who can come to the fore.washing machine replacement parts.

Combination of the ten selected activities in western China Equipment Manufacturing Exposition held to set the award of excellent business and industry figures. To strengthen the equipment manufacturing enterprises in brand building, and fresh blood injected into the famous enterprises,float valves. famous, celebrity, this contest will be postponed to elect ten cutting-edge brands, top ten most promising companies, to establish a new industry standard; will be for equipment manufacturing scientific and technological innovation in industry, selected the ten best of innovation and technology enterprises; Award for outstanding figures of the annual low-carbon industrial previous equipment manufacturing industry exhibitors will be accepted by individuals and companies or organizations recommended the development and progress of the manufacturing industry over the years for equipment to do outstanding individuals in recognition of the excellent contribution, contribute to the environmental cause of the low-carbon.

Each award has a business or person to come to the eligible, and now it seems the difference between people, business and enterprise is still very obvious. In my opinion, the registration of the enterprise or the characters, large enterprises and outstanding contributions to the figures, potentially powerful explosive yet to play out. 3:00 pm on June 11, the western CIEME hundred Ten selection generated by the last perhaps there is a “dark horse” ran out, or there is such possibility. (To the eligible, those who vote)

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