The third quarter of non-ferrous metal industry is expected to pick up

The third quarter of non-ferrous metal industry is expected to pick up

The third quarter of non-ferrous metal industry is expected to pick up

global weak economic growth and domestic economic slowdown, the nonferrous metals industry is facing internal and external “double pressure. With the rebound in the second half of the domestic economy, industry experts believe that more than the second quarter of this year will be the results of the nonferrous metals industry low, three-quarter year on year performance will be improved.

internal and external “double pressure

according to the National Bureau of Statistics data released in April, the growth rate of industrial added value up 9.3% for the lowest value since May 2009. Due to the high correlation of the industrial growth rate of GDP growth, the decline of industrial growth shows the real economy is sluggish, and the industry overall decline in demand growth.

Henan non-ferrous Industry Association vice president Liu Libin recently publicly stated that in recent months, Chinas largest aluminum-producing province, Henan Province, aluminum spare production capacity of approximately 700,000 tons It also shows that the domestic economic slowdown weakened the ability of consumptive goods. Liu Libin said, to the end of this year, the provinces spare production capacity to the total expected to reach 1.2 million tons, accounting for more than a quarter of the aluminum total capacity in the province.

another according to SMM 20 major domestic cable companies, the latest research results, the level of the overall operating rate of domestic wire and cable companies in May to 73.43 percent, less than 0.81% The year-on-year decrease of 11.67 percentage points. The operating rate at a relatively low mainly due to the downstream electricity, infrastructure investment weakness, another copper prices callback cable procurement plans to postpone the upstream and downstream enterprises.

published data according to the General Administration of Customs, Chinas April imports of refined copper, 272,900 tons, the lowest since last August. The copper industry mainly relies on imports of raw materials, emotional reduce raw material procurement.

while the European debt problem continues to ferment, as well as global economic growth showed signs of fatigue, also putting pressure on the business performance of the nonferrous metals industry. According to data released by the General Administration of Customs, in April, Chinas rare earth export 387 tons, down 78.7 percent.

the third quarter, or usher in a performance inflection point

In the context of slowing demand at home and abroad, the nonferrous metals industry corporate profits are affected. Ministry of Finance announced in April the operation of state-owned enterprises shows January-April, the state-owned enterprises realized a total of total operating revenue 12.71601 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.4 percent in April than in March, Central, down 5.6 percent. January to April, the industry profit year on year decline for the transportation industry, chemical industry, building materials industry, non-ferrous metals industries.

According to the East China Sea Securities, a quarter of 2012, the nonferrous metals industry listed companies net profit of 6.532 billion yuan, down 14.49%, growth of 49.8%. Increase in base metals prices fell across the board, the average decline of about 10%, is the main reason for decline in performance. “Donghai Securities said in its latest report.

It is understood that, compared to last years first quarter of this year, base metal prices year-on-year fell across the board, including the largest decline in nickel, a decrease of 47.92%;, copper, zinc, lead , tin, aluminum fell by 21.19%, 18.95%, 10.59%, 9.02% and 4.16%. The price of gold increased by 17.94%; small metals, rare earth prices on average rose about 40 percent, zirconium, titanium, tungsten prices rose 24.56 percent, 17.66 percent and 9.99 percent. Molybdenum, antimony, cobalt, germanium, magnesium decreased by 20.68%, 17.12%, 22.08%, 9.87% and 5.29%.

“compared to the second quarter of last year, average price, the price of almost all varieties have decreased, mainly due to metal prices in the second quarter of last year reached a high point of base comparison high. In the second quarter industry performance year-on-year lows, with the arrival of the third quarter, the decline in the 2011 base year on year performance will continue to increase, the expected year-on-year growth in base metals copper and aluminum; with a small rebound at a high level The metal tungsten, zirconium, titanium and antimony species.

CITIC Securities in its latest report also pointed out that the overall increase of metal prices is not obvious, but from the research situation, the operating rate of the second quarter, output, etc. Central rebounded ratio should be. “It is envisaged that the second quarter business performance improvement over a quarter.