The reasons for the increase of precision casting production and operating difficulties

The reasons for the increase of precision casting production and operating difficulties

The reasons for the increase of precision casting production and operating difficulties

economic crisis precision casting material prices fell sharply, as if to the forging industry brings opportunities, but also created unprecedented challenges, overall, the more challenges than opportunities.

now look across the country forging companies, of course, a large sector enterprises was very bad, but still a small sector enterprises are still at full load produced a profit, why these companies can be hard to resist the impact of the economic crisis? In the final analysis, these enterprises are usually trained to have a strong basic skills, product quality and product cost-competitive, firmly catches the user.

to be anti-winter for precision casting enterprise will need to keep fit. Accordance with past practice, the company is in the market cold when internal heat up, use the timing of the founding, adopted the following eight measures:

(1) to carry out the casting process optimization, progress in technology produced rate.

(2) the use of peak and valley, equally hours electricity supply, to pay attention to hide the peak on the Valley, the organization produced the layout of the high energy processes like smelting electric furnace annealing in power the Valley of conduct in order to save the expense of energy.

(3) the implementation of energy saving, reducing energy consumption, reduce product cost.

(4) of marketing part in strict accordance with the orders organization produced, to avoid the accumulation of finished goods to take up enterprise funds, or the formation of the inventory extravagant. For producing plans dealing with measures to implement the principle of “focus on producing concentrated stop”, but also highly efficient in the case of producing load dissatisfaction, reduce energy and fuel extravagant. Some foreign Casting Enterprises to implement a 10 × 4 working every day, two classes, namely, the work shifts are 10h, work four days a week. This compact produced organization worthy of us at home and forging business management staff warning under the current dissatisfaction load produced in the state.

(5) accumulation of inventory of finished products to the idea of ​​idea promotion, to avoid the formation of the inventory; to take inventory of discount sales, realized as much as possible to avoid greater losses for enterprises.

(6) for different users, according to their different financial and credit status to determine the amount of accounts receivable and cash collection cycle, may close down the accounts receivable of the bankrupt enterprises in the current round of economic crisis paragraph, you want to send someone to collections, and to take proper means to recoup their losses, risk-averse. Our implementation of these measures to the post, implemented in the head, so that implementation of the tasks, the responsibility to implement to achieve substantial results.

(7) seize the time to carry out technical training, to progress the quality of the staff.

(8) for precision casting production before revealing the quality of products subject to project research, and reduce product rejection rate.