The Luoyang aluminum pillar industries such as the situation is still grim

The Luoyang aluminum pillar industries such as the situation is still grim
City seven plenary (enlarged) meeting, Luoyang City, released the first five months of this year, the project construction, the construction of economic restructuring and industrial agglomeration area. In order to solve the current economic operation indicator is not ideal, the city will focus on starting from the five aspects of initiatives, and vigorously promote the construction of key projects.

see from the first five months of this year, the citys economic operation indicators, the city economic data there are four aspects: First, the growth rate of industrial economic indicators declining trend has yet to be effectively containment. The first five months,plaster mold. the citys above-scale industrial added value grew 11.8 percent, but still below the provincial average growth rate of 4.1 percent. The citys pillar industries of electrolytic aluminum,castings aluminium. silicon photovoltaic, petrochemical, power and energy situation is still grim. Second, some counties (cities) of new construction of major industrial projects, economic growth is a lack of stamina. Industrial clustering support is not strong, the development situation is grim. Part of the relocation of the transformation and new parks, new base project forward is still slow.

citys economic operation indicators are backward, and the root causes of slow economic restructuring, structural adjustment is slow, the mechanism of conversion is slow, slow innovation-driven. Therefore, the next stage will be to increase control efforts, and stare at the real economies in transition, Dingsi projects, take aim, economic operation, five specific initiatives begin to speed up the coordination of economic operation, to accelerate the pace of construction projects.