The Loaning Shipbuilding deepened the anxiety of the private boat

The Loaning Shipbuilding deepened the anxiety of the private boat

The Loaning Shipbuilding deepened the anxiety of the private boat

“Many shipowners order conditions more demanding, not only to keep the prices down is very powerful, and will ask the shipyard first underwritten and shorten the duration of a single, we dare not pick fix we should lose money. “Ningbo, a shipyard is responsible for, says with exasperation. Shipping plight has truly transmitted to the shipbuilding industry. Anxious for new orders, the shipowner prepayment ratio dropped significantly, shipping enterprises “out-of-pocket” for shipowners Dianqian shipbuilding, is becoming a stumbling block troubled shipbuilding business forward in the crisis.

Build a ship need to advance nearly half of the ship shall

located in Huanggang, Hubei sea Shipbuilding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “E Sea”) is currently in 17 vessels under construction, the production capacity of 100,000 dwt. Although this is only half of the design production capacity of Hubei sea, but the lack of liquidity is plagued by the pace of progress in the “E Sea”. Certain aspects of the

According to Ningbo Port and Shipping Authority ZC deputy chief of the Meng Qingfei buyers custom ships, ship models points order, started launching and delivery of the ship paid in installments, the ship enterprises in the shipbuilding cycle of up to one year to three years need a huge amount underwritten. “Under normal circumstances, we can only get 30% of ship models. Integrated down Advancer nearly 50 percent.” “E Sea” person in charge of the Office of Liu Guangxing explained, the reason to accept shipowners such harsh conditions, mainly shipbuilding market due to recession.

According to the China Shipbuilding Industry Association statistics show that in 2011 China received new ship orders 36.22 million deadweight tons, down 51.9 percent, the statistics within about 1/3 no received orders for 43 shipbuilding enterprises focus on monitoring the two have not received orders. Shipbuilding capacity has been 12 consecutive months over the same period new orders,imports to china. handheld shipbuilding orders decreased month by month, the lack of orders, will enable part of the enterprise into the plight of started task, individual enterprises or even a quarter of 2012 no longer start the ship. The occasion of the market downturn, the competition within the industry called tragic. “Now grab a single much a sign of trouble on the rush to come.” Dalian shipping enterprises responsible for people smile.

The shipping market continues downturn, many ship owners generally lowered the proportion of pre-payment, originally by the pressure of the shipowner to the bank loan financing shipbuilding enterprises to bear. It is understood that in the market strong period, the owner signed a contract with the shipyard will often pay the full 80% of the full amount, now the first payment can be less to less to, and some even accounted for only 10% of the full amount . According to informed sources, the enterprises of Zhejiang, a ship just signing a shipbuilding contract, the contract provides for shipping prices underwritten as high as 70%. Mengqing Fei said that shipping frozen Loaning shipbuilding became a “double-edged sword”: empty berth for shipping enterprises worried, expect more orders, letting the ship a huge amount underwritten enterprises refer to “the injury can not afford to . ”

Loaning come from

“owners ask us to finance, which will undoubtedly increase in risk,disney casting. but in order to survive, only the risk of orders. a private shipyard official said, “No order is to die, and received large orders for financial less capital is to court death.”

shipbuilding are underwritten the impulse of private capital to the shipbuilding industry has subsided, banks on the ship is relatively cautious, funding is a big problem. “Taizhou, Zhejiang, machinery and metallurgy Director of Information Commission Huanglin Yu said.

It is understood that in plenty of private capital and active Zhejiang, shipping enterprises and more will be inclined to raise funds through private fund raising. However, the amount underwritten with the shipping enterprises rising single private financing and lending means has been difficult to meet the needs of shipping enterprises. Occupy half of the shipbuilding industry of many small and medium-sized private boat financing channels depends more and more narrow.

“Financial markets no longer lend to the general business said,” China Shipbuilding Industry Association, Zhang Guangqin addition to some of the funds of the strong state-owned enterprises, regardless of the shipowner or shipbuilding enterprises are can no longer get bank loans.

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