The lack of strong benchmark brand of LED lighting market development

The lack of strong benchmark brand of LED lighting market development

The lack of strong benchmark brand of LED lighting market development

LED lighting products, the mainland market downturn many companies weak to bear. Fortunately, the market focus of the continent is not a LED lighting products. This makes the LED business still have some forward momentum in confusion.

LED product performance in the market for some time, and concluded: LED commercial lighting products has opened up the ice age of the LED lighting. Is undeniable that China has great lighting market space. As economic growth in the country, lighting products, has a pivotal position in the field of building materials. But relative to the large capacity, Chinas LED market share of just pediatrics. But almost all businesses are aware of the Chinese market now or never.

currently in the market, LED lighting companies have formed the “Four Kingdoms” pattern:

package powerful enterprise linked to the field of lighting applications: this part of enterprises rely on the package fortune, a firm market in the packaging field and link to the field of lighting applications. LED is a new lighting products, is not fully mature, but also requires a long market run-in period. This part of the business advantages are: has a strong financial support, can support the running of LED lighting products in the market; In addition, they use this one also has an unparalleled advantage in light. This is a done a better business: Hongli Opto-electronic, wood Linsen,pex fittings. rectangular lighting and semiconductor companies.

traditional lighting extends to the field of LED lighting applications: this part of the business is doing very well in the field of traditional lighting, LED lighting products is the master of the future of lighting in the area. so they are an extension of this one. It is understood that this part of the corporate investment in LED lighting is not to force. The reason is that in the restlessness of the LED industry, too many market uncertainties, the loss is relatively large. This part of the enterprise has the unique advantage of the pipeline, as long as the product is relatively mature, the market concept is relatively familiar with, they will be molding market channels at a faster rate, shop products to the market.

started relatively early in the LED lighting applications enterprises: some enterprises started relatively early in the LED lighting applications, mainly for export, but also in the international market has a good results. Performance has a great advantage in product range. In addition the speed of their R & D quickly, often in the market play a benchmark role.pvc fitting. Currently they also began to expand the mainland market competition. Behalf of the enterprise: the public tomorrow, Bombel, Spike, macro subjects such as.

ancient town, Shiyan shrimp soldiers gathered in the teenager: these enterprises, we may not even name call on, but their impact on the market is the largest the. According to statistics, this part of the carved out the majority of market share in China. In contrast, the R & D capability is weak, mainly based on the homogeneous competition mainly on price and other means to capture the market. The LED lighting market, the main products of these companies filled. Due to the small boat U-turn, the smaller the risk of this part of the enterprise. But often it is because the risk is small, too much effect, many enterprises have closed down.

view of the “Four Kingdoms” on the LED lighting market is not difficult to see the current market is chaotic, previously a number of small businesses looking at the interests to copy, imitate poor behavior than the price. Now, some large companies are also to run the amount of weighed on prices. According to the forecast: market whipsaw to the pinnacle of whipsaw movement will continue!

We all hope that this muddy road soon be over. However, the LED lighting industry does still exist some urgent problems. For most companies, the lack of core technology, the capital of poor mobility and lack of industry standards has been the three major bottlenecks that plagued the development of LED lighting products; industry, the lack of strong market benchmark brand, no molding of piping experience can learn from objective problems.