The domestic fan -sea- process or blocked

The domestic fan “sea” process or blocked

The domestic fan “sea” process or blocked

Recently, a paper award from the side of the ocean heart chill of the wind power companies, which is the second time within one month of the new domestic energy industry experienced U.S. “double reverse & rdquo ; (Anti-dumping, countervailing) sanctions. Solar photovoltaic and wind power for these two emerging industries fall into the “External and internal situation.

provisional countervailing duty decisions of the U.S. Commerce Department announced on May 30 to 26% imposed on Chinese exports to the U.S. application-level wind turbine towers, the direct impact is undoubtedly domestic wind turbine towers in the U.S. market sales. Industry analysts pointed out that this also indicates that in recent years, the Chinese wind power companies have flocked to the sea, “the process will be blocked.


fan exports jumped nearly 15 times a year

In recent years, Chinas wind power capacity The rapid growth of wind power manufacturing overcapacity, capacity for digestion, domestic wind power and component manufacturers are adjusting their strategies, market development, the focus gradually turned to overseas. In particular, the rapid cooling of the domestic wind power industry in the last year to speed up the process of “sea fan”.

According to the Chinese Wind Energy Association statistics, in 2010 the national production of wind turbine export volume of 13 units with a total capacity of only 15,600 kilowatts, while the end of 2011 The figure rose to 141, with a total capacity of 220,600 kilowatts a year to our fans export volume of the rapid growth of 14.14 times, highlighting the country fan, “the sea” the process of fast.


domestic wind power leader in the last couple of years have begun to vigorously develop overseas business. One of the industry leader Goldwind last year, overseas sales of 220 MW, also holding a 268.5 MW of overseas orders. According to wind energy development report recently released by the authority of the wind power consultancy BTM, 2011, the Chinese wind power company, global market share has rapidly risen Goldwind among the global wind power business, accounting for 9.4% of global market share, China The sharp wind power accounted for 7.iron manufacturer.3% share, ranked seventh, eighth in the combined power Mingyang Wind Power ranked tenth, domestic giants have accounted for the majority of seats in the worlds top ten wind power equipment manufacturers.

fear triggered a chain reaction

is worth noting that, from statistical data, 2011 annual fan “sea” increased sharply mainly due to export volume growth of the U.S. market, 141 units of total exports, nearly 130 units sold in the United States, from the side of the U.S. market in the Chinese fans, “the sea & rdquo ; in an important position in the process.

Today, the “countervailing” ruling made by the United States for the domestic wind turbine towers, so that the industry is generally worried that would greatly affect the sales of Chinese fans in the United States.

announcement according to the the Tianshun wind of the main target of the anti-subsidy ruling released last year, sales revenue for the companys exports to the U.S. application-level wind towers 363.91 million yuan, accounting for the companys annual operating income of 38.64%. “Countervailing” ruling that the company has signed exported to the U.S. orders the execution is not affected, but the follow-up on the U.S. market, export orders to undertake an adverse impact.aluminum foam.

Tianshun wind secretaries Zhengkang Sheng on China Securities Journal reporter said, such as the the Tianshun last year sold to the U.S. fans to impose a 26% countervailing duty rate will make the price advantage of the companys products in the U.S. market is significantly weakened, which means that the market position of the companys products in the United States will be replaced by the domestic manufacturers.

Zhengkang Sheng said, has begun the establishment of the Indian and European production base by steady progress in the international chemical plant layout and other ways to reduce the double reverse may in the U.S. market and business development adversely affected.

industry experts, and expand markets outside the U.S. domestic enterprises to cope with a double reverse the adverse effects of the wise, especially in emerging markets in Asia for future growth potential is huge. But for now, the European land-based wind power is basically saturated, for the development of onshore wind energy resources are very limited, the Asian market, while the overall capacity, but excluding India, a single national market space is limited. View from the installed capacity was added last year, 180,000 kilowatts of generating units in China, followed by the United States, installation capacity of 68,000 kilowatts, but in markets such as Germany, Britain, Canada and Spain additional amount of no more than 2 million kilowatts, and the United States a huge difference.

“short term, the importance of the U.S. market still can not be underestimated. In view of this, on the one hand you want to actively explore new markets out of the dependence of the United States, but on the other hand, if the U.S. “double reverse” the future intensified, and conduction such as wind machine and blades, gear boxes and other equipment manufacturing may greatly affect the future of domestic fans, “sea” of the process. “The experts said that the long term, still hopes on domestic wind power manufacturing market demand is again strong rise.