The body mold welding fixture market was stable with l

The body mold welding fixture market was stable with l

The body mold welding fixture market was stable with l

With the rapid development of automobile industry, automobile molds and welding fixture gradual combination of matching, auto body Jig trend of integration enhancements, this can reduce the match cycle. reduce user costs.

growing economy of China to speed up the development of Chinas automobile industry, according to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, 2007 Chinas auto production and sales both over 880 million, an increase of up to 22.02%, China has become the second largest car consumer after the United States, car sales in 2015 is expected to reach 15 million.

the rapid development of the automobile industry, Chinas mold industry development opportunities. China-made car cover mold, instrument panel mold, bumper mold and automotive electronics mold and other various types of car mold be more widely used in auto parts production. With the rapid development of automobile industry, automobile molds and welding fixture gradually effective combination with matching auto body mold folder integration trend is enhanced, and this can reduce the match cycle, reduce the user cost.

scale of Chinas mold industry into the international market


ten years ago, China car mold is mainly FAW, the days of steam, NAC, CAC and Chinas Taiwan mold team for the industrys iconic companies, car mold companies today have been developed to dozens of private enterprises has been a rapid rise with a considerable scale . Whether technical or capacity of these enterprises are much higher than the iconic companies.

from automotive stamping dies in the countrys distribution can be seen, Chinas auto mold from the spark to todays all over the country. In the past three years, the car needed to mold in China, listed dozens of independent brands and joint venture brands, fixtures and equipment, more than half are manufactured by the China mold enterprise development, many of these cars the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) manufacturers have B-Class is the most complex vehicle mold to the mold companies to produce.

a certain size of the domestic car body mold manufacturer with more than 100, including more than 100 million yuan in output value, there are over 20. The large number of CNC machine tools more than 800 units, close to or exceeded that of Germany, the United States, Japan.

2002 years ago, domestic mold companies mainly produces trucks and vans mold,control valve. car mold only at the level of the production structure mold; welding folder in the production of enterprises capacity is limited to the production of internal sub-welding fixture and component assembly fixture. 2003 to 2007, the domestic mold enterprises gradually began to produce the vehicle body in white mold, welding companies also have production capacity of the four side wall assembly from the chassis assembly to the body in white wire, and the main technical close to the international advanced level.

many domestic enterprises to achieve three-dimensional solid model of Die Mold Casting foam processing, model workers is the preparation of the processing procedures in the computer room. This greatly improves the quality of the model and improve the efficiency and shorten the manufacturing cycle. In recent years, with the continuous introduction of advanced processing techniques for high-speed multi-function CNC machine tools, high-strength tool, the field of unmanned high-speed machining, precision machining of the mold surface, five-axis machining, computer virtual processing technology has made rapid development . Simulation, virtual reality and other advanced technology has been applied in the development of pre-mold folder.

due to the rapid development of the industry, technical and managerial upgrading of Chinas mold industry has also entered the fast lane, and already have the ability to challenge to the developed mold manufacturing . Value of the amount of five years ago, Chinas import and export mold 5.8:1, import and export ratio of 1.45:1 in 2007, mold exports more than $ 1.4 billion, it marks Chinas mold industry into the era of the international market to large-scale soon.


domestic Jig integration is not high

Toyota, Japan, Germanys Volkswagen and other leading international the auto manufacturers have specialized stamping, welding, assembly, painting and craft workers. And body design of the R & D center, product analysis of the process.

from the body design and tooling manufacturing follow the principle of unity, of its very high degree of integration is very beneficial to the body quality, cost, cycle controlled. China mold folder welding industry are mostly fighting each other, mold factory, difficult to communicate between the welding folder factory, many are stuck to the production preparation stage of the automobile manufacturers, has seriously hampered the product quality and output of the BIW cycle.

due to mold materials and mold the limitations of the special structure of the domestic auto body die stamping process level and foreign industry is still a gap. This was reflected in the process design experience and experience, the types of models and foreign domestic technology design staff in contact with process design too much difference compared to some restrictions, leading to the process design ideas.


foreign stamping process design is a highly professional job, a clear division of labor, the team needs to complete this complex design process, and generally include the product pre-process analysis,manufacturer search. process plan, forecasting, modeling, repeated optimization of the process of feasibility analysis, model design process.

car overall side Wai, for example, a common side wall mold is generally 5 to 6 processes. Four years ago, Toyota, the side wall from the five process into four processes, and greater efforts to mold development and product development to achieve a big leap in the industry. His current research is completed through three processes overall side wall of the stamping process, not only need to boost the stamping process more collaborative research and development of concurrent engineering, design cars overall side wall, taking fully into account the stamping the feasibility of the process.

international advanced enterprises with a high level of welding and development capabilities, and the formation of the enterprise to a small number of advanced vehicle welding technology platform as the core , a number of higher degree of specialization of small and medium-sized welding enterprise collaboration network structure. Foreign countries such as Japans Toyota, Volkswagen of Germany, France, Peugeot, U.S. General and other major car companies apply three-dimensional digital process planning and simulation software for nearly a decade of history. Domestic production is the high degree of automation of the welding line process planning is the lack of a unified digital information management tools, but also the formation of such highly automated welding line planning.


Chinas auto white body manufacturing equipment in terms of the number of the advanced nature have been close to the world leading level. According to incomplete statistics, only the automotive die industry, for example, the large domestic CNC machine tools has exceeded 800 units, but because we started late, and accumulated, there is still a large gap between the level of manufacturing technology with the international advanced level. To make our big country by the mold, into a mold power, the industry needs to make a gritty effort.

automotive die industry in China supporting backward, material type, material properties instability. These issues include: the standard varieties, the quality is not high; the gap between the level of manufacturing process led to the processing costs are higher than foreign manufacturers; induction hardening / laser hardening / nitride / titanium edge technology yet to be developed; debugging data feedback and stamping process accumulation of experience, lack of effective measures will be fitter debug finishing process into the design early; lack of systematic management procedures and escalation.

two oil crises in the promotion of the car the first time lightweight; protect the global environment, the promotion of the car the second time lightweight. The car lightweight, and meet the requirements of the automotive safety regulations to promote the application of high strength steel. Japan, the European car manufacturers high-strength steel applications, the passage of time, a very wide range. The material shows that a Japanese car company in the proportion of 1980 high-strength steel applications was 15%, more than 30 percent in 1990, has reached 50 percent in 2000. Domestic auto parts high strength steel applications is limited to structural components and parts in tensile strength more than 500MPa, the newly developed models stampings up to 980MPa, how quickly accumulated the manufacture of high strength steel stampings technology, we solved problem.

domestic enterprises to enter the high-end market


stronger mold folder industry support independent brand cars The development has been the industry goal of mold folder. Therefore, we must first continue to challenge mode folder with high technological content in the high-end products. At present, the domestic high-grade mold folder products to meet the rate is less than 60%, a considerable part of the dependence on imports. With the rapid development of Chinas independent brand cars, the future of high-grade die folders market demand will be more urgent. Few years ago, many automotive mold factory is mainly responsible for the development of the mold of mold development of the A-class cars and a small amount of Class B car, along with more B-Class, C-class car models available in high-end markets of automotive stamping the needs of the mold will grow substantially.

In addition, multinational corporations is growing mold purchases, the next 5-10 years Europe and the United States automobile market of China mold purchases will be substantial growth in , and gradually the Chinese and the low-end to high-end development, this objective is to stimulate market development of high-grade mold. China mold folder industry must shoulder the heavy responsibility of self-development process of Chinas auto molds and welding fixture, the beneficiaries of the progress of Chinas mold industry is not only the industry itself, the main thing is to make a contribution for independent car brands. Due to the progress of Chinas mold industry, from the mold of international import prices decreased by 30% compared to 2000, or even more, which is China mold progress benefits to the nation.

from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, there will be more Chinese-brand cars for the world perceived. Folder mode crack industry as a support vehicle development and vitality, carries the spirit of national industry, this industry is bound to the world, towards glory!