Tan Wei- Customers give the fenghe Today

Tan Wei: Customers give the fenghe Today

Tan Wei: Customers give the fenghe Today

Shanghai fenghe Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional development and manufacture of special processing center of Sino-Japanese joint venture. For hydraulic, automotive parts, aerospace and high-precision industry cleaning deburring services. Now in the country succeeded in producing the worlds leading automatic tool changer 500 kg high-pressure cleaning center.

Tan Wei, the

sales manager, particularly for reporters about X755I universal machine, to clarify the the Fenghe company has been very much agree with the “green” and “smart” these two trends. First of all, the the Fenghe company equipment uses the international advanced Fanuc CNC system, customers can also equipped with a mechanical hand, reflects the intelligent devices. Second, the Fenghe public water circulation system of the device, multiple level filtering and cleaning water recycling; and in power-saving equipment, spare parts in life, but also have special attention, and greatly reduces consumption. Tanjing Li said, very much hope that through their own equipment and services provided by Chinas equipment manufacturing industry and the green contribution to the cause should have the power.

In addition, Tanjing Li believes that the exhibition in terms of scale and quality has greatly improved; machine equipment of Chinese-made, or joint venture increased significantly,http://www.china-steel-parts.com. the technology is also obvious has been greatly improved. This years show is not only to show todays China, is an advanced technology exhibition of the worlds machine tool industry. It can be said that this exhibition is one of the worlds machine tool industry benchmark. The Tan Jingli believe that the Chinese machine tool industry has become an indispensable part of the world machine tool industry.


Several years ago, often manufacturers simply sell equipment; Now, can provide total solutions to customers is an important symbol of the modern enterprise . For example, the Fenghe NC high pressure cleaning to burr center X755I provided to the customer, not just equipment, but more importantly the overall solution is a set of cleaning deburring. Including: for customers to do the cleaning test, cleaning program, cleaning and programming, and dry program, as well as good service, it is recommended customers how to process it to minimize the burr of the class.


interview before the end, manager Tan Wei stressed that companies can not just focus on the manufacturing of the equipment and, more importantly, how can a full range of problem-solving for customers. Customers to Fenghe today, and only required for customers to solve problems, the enterprise can continue to enhance their core competitiveness and strength!