Sing the machine tool industry transformation and upgrading of the main theme

Sing the machine tool industry transformation and upgrading of the main theme

Chinas machine tool industry to do bigger and stronger, it must be scientific and rational industrial scale, the industrial layout and industry structure. “Twelve” as to adjust the structure of the machine tool industry, to the way the level of the crucial period to complete the “grow stronger” historic leap, transformation and upgrading is imminent.

held on 16 April 2012, the seventh China CNC Machine Tool Show (CCMT2012), demonstrated the latest achievements of Chinese machine tool industry in recent years in terms of structural adjustment and technological upgrading of products. 2012 machine tool industry is the International Forum “held in Shanghai on April 25, 2012, the Special Adviser of the China Machinery Industry Federation, Jewson said in his speech, the adjustment of product structure, change the mode of development, transformation and upgrading of the industry Chinas machine tool industry is an urgent task.diamond plate aluminum. Thus, the transformation and upgrading, no doubt has become the main theme of the development of Chinas machine tool industry.

China machine tool industry transformation and upgrading of the very tight

Admittedly, Chinas machine tool industry in an already weak industrial base, after the rapid development of the last decade has been what it was, not only machines industry categories, full range, from largest to smallest can be produced; and has become the worlds largest producer of machine tools, which is exciting. However, recent developments of the world machine tool manufacturing power and the major trends in the control, you will find we are still there is not a small gap and high-end CNC machine tools technical level there is the widening trend, which can not but cause us to think deeply and concerns. The

2011, China machine tool industry is still high, the growth of machine tool imports further expand in 2011, a huge deficit in the import and export of the machine tool industry to stimulate the nerves of many people in the industry, while behind the surface phenomena of the deficit, the grade unreasonable product structure, industry ills exposed, advanced technology is too dependent on the introduction of high-end products are too dependent on imports, this is the machine tool industry is facing the harsh reality. Related statistics show that 90% of the domestic high-end CNC machine tools from imports, imports of high-end features of the machine has reached 70%. This contradictory phenomenon is a reflection of the development of Chinas machine tool industry, there are structural problems, and market supply capacity and demand for the domestic market structure has been the rapid escalation of the status quo are incompatible. Its essence is the ability to supply the structural contradictions, namely general-purpose low-end product oversupply in the high-end products is a serious shortage of supply capacity. The Chinese Government and the machine tool industry has been aware of this problem, an explicit proposal to change the development mode, adjust the industrial structure in the national “12th Five-Year Plan.

Some experts believe that the transformation and upgrading of the main three reasons. First, Europe and the United States and other countries of the economic downturn, the Asian region, especially Chinas economic development “thriving”, the number of foreign companies pouring into China to seek development opportunities. Foreign enterprises, attaches great importance to product quality, and promote Chinas machine tool industry to upgrade to high-end. Secondly, the Chinese government through the implementation of major science and technology give vigorous support to the machine tool industry for the industrial structure adjustment and upgrading. Again, the enterprises themselves in terms of its internal structure without adjustment, will not be able to keep up with the market, to meet the needs of users, will be eliminated. Summary, for various reasons, Chinas machine tool industry transformation and upgrading is imperative.

Above,casting directors. the Chinese machine tool industry to further development difficult. Many foreign machine tool manufacturers from a technical update to proceed with the breakthrough of the plight of the development experience, can provide a valuable reference for the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment of Chinas machine tool industry.

To see the world machine tool power is how to break the crisis

Europe, America, Japan and other machine tools manufacturing power, have suffered the setback of the world financial crisis. The number of foreign machine tool manufacturers, firmly grasp the world machine tool market is generally weak, and the dissatisfaction of the production load is the opportunity to increase R & D investment, and active use of new technologies, develop new products.

Since 2010, with the slow recovery of world economy, the worlds machine tool industry out of the shadow of the financial crisis, with a new look in a variety of machine tool exhibition. In addition, the demand structure of Chinas machine tool market quickly to high-end features have emerged in the field of, high-end machine a number of cost-effective, competitive and CNC machine tool products, strong to enter the Chinese machine tool market. A joint exhibition of Ecoline series products such as DMG and Mori Seiki, DMG improve with eco series are high performance, low price products, its main strategic intent for the Chinese market is very obvious. Overview of the information released by the International Machine Tool Show in recent years in the field of machine tool technology, the increased application of new technologies, new product development acceleration. For example, at the EMO 2011 show an application shipped computing and radio frequency identification technology (Radio Frequency Identification). Development of the new tool management system, is both convenient and inexpensive.

EMO 2011 exhibition, the first exhibition of new products than the previous and more, in addition to previously reported outside, according to a recent report, DMG and partners, Mori Seiki has launched a full line-driven high-speed , high-precision, high-dynamic characteristics of horizontal machining center DMC 60 H linear, with a unique knife, using a modular architecture. This machine paved the way for opening up new application areas. All these show that the application of new technologies and new product development acceleration, the worlds machine tool technology has been rapid development of a whole new level.

Germany Magee Ecoline series CNC milling center DMU 50 ECOLINE machine
many enterprises to adopt a cooperative or joint development of the development of new products, This will not only solve the problem of shortage of funds, but also greatly accelerated new product development process, and dramatically increase the technical level and effectiveness of the work of the CNC machine tools, thus promoting the rapid recovery and development of the world machine tool industry, but also to improve machine tool manufacturers competitiveness.

Industry restructuring and upgrading of talk about

Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Member, former chief engineer of the Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute Shen Fokin

, the he pointed out that in recent years new foreign machine tool development and new technology to speed up Chinas machine tool industry due to market pressures, technological development is relatively slow, after years of rapid growth, structural contradictions.

He believes that the Chinese machine tool industry is now the most important do the following things:

(1) change their ideas, raise awareness, accelerate the development of high-end CNC machine tools to address the supply capacity of the structural contradictions . We must first recognize that the demand structure of domestic machine tool market is rapidly moving toward high-end changes, the structural contradiction of supply and demand has been very prominent; ideologically to really recognize that adjusting the industrial structure to solve the general-purpose low-end CNC machine tools in excess production capacity, while the high end CNC machine tools a serious shortage of supply capacity of the necessity and urgency; recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and increase investment in science and technology for the development of high-end products.

(2) the host machine and machine tools supporting the industry, the pattern of uneven development as soon as possible to reverse. Re-host, light supporting the idea there is no fundamental change, resulting in the development of the necessary features for high-end CNC machine tools, such as motor spindles, linear motors, torque motors, high-precision bearings, ball screw and CNC systems, etc., rely mainly on imports, but developed products for all major projects and both are true. The machine tool industry is developing the national economy of a countrys basic industries, in view of China in which the special international status and international environment, China must have its own independent system of the machine tool industry, otherwise the long run is to be controlled by others. Therefore, the adjustment of industrial structure, in addition to the host product to the high-end CNC machine tools tilt, but also pay attention to focus on the development of supporting high-end CNC machine tools feature industry as soon as possible to reverse the existing development imbalances, which is the industrial structure one of the important content of the adjustment.

(3) around the three iconic target, combined with the actual development of enterprise practical structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of planning. Market demand has already told us, the structural contradictions of the industrial development. According to the national “12th Five-Year Plan” transfer mode, adjust the structure, and promote development “policy requirements and the China Machine Tool Industry Association in promoting Chinas machine tool industry to grow stronger, the machine tool industry” 12th Five-Year “points “made it clear to focus industry resources, the shift to the following three iconic target:

first goal, to provide equipment and services in key industries, core manufacturing a breakthrough . Aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and power generation equipment manufacturing machine tool is a typical high-end machine tools, representing the highest level of the machine tool manufacturing. Sound services to key industries, must focus on the development of high-end CNC machine tools. The second objective of

domestic market share in high-end CNC machine tools and high-end CNC system and features the domestic market share has improved significantly. This is the industrys most prominent structural problems. Structural adjustment, to pay attention to supporting the development of CNC machine tools industry, and strive to host and supporting industries balanced development.