Sharpening swords decade- Racing to the Shanghai grind East

Sharpening swords decade: Racing to the Shanghai grind East

Sharpening swords decade: Racing to the Shanghai grind East

– write in Qinchuan development Shanghai sales branch to the tenth anniversary of the founding of

2002, to create a strategic decision of the branch system sales platform, along with the restructuring and process reengineering kicked off the company in full swing. Platform for the sale of a branch system of Shaanxi Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. – Shanghai sales branch was officially established on June 28 that year. Marks Qinchuan “customer-centric, service first” business philosophy forefront of landing in the market, rooting ……

; decade, the Shanghai sales branch staff increased by 2.5 times, sales revenue increased nearly 10 times, the user is involved in automotive, aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, power generation industry reached more than 500 households.

decade, the Shanghai sales branch rooted in the most powerful economic development in China, the Yangtze River Delta and East China, integrated with the market like an aircraft carrier platform for the group companies and stronger, bigger, strategic transformation plays an irreplaceable “life”.

decades, Shanghai Sales Branch backed by Baoji Part of the strong support of all employees fought hard, and strive to forge ahead, ride on the momentum grab with foreign counterparts in the East China market, contention users, tree brand, won a lucrative market feedback, Qinchuan products and services is deeply rooted in the Yangtze River Delta in East China, with the “sword.” dedication and loyalty, the interpretation of the rich connotation of the “service-type Qinchuan.

difficult start to shoulder the great trust

came to Shanghai sales branch staff quarters, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens and other modern household appliances offer a variety of bright and spacious office, the formation of a working, integrated management of life characteristics make it difficult to imagine the newly established Shanghai Sales Branch early hard. Shanghai sales branch person in charge of the East China gear manufacturing market development is incomplete, inadequate equipment needs, the number of users, the Qinchuan products market share in East China low, because the road is remote, the sales staff is not carrying a notebook computer by train travel, but carrying a sample weighing a few pounds of weight to take the “Mount” go!

the face of harsh environmental conditions and the unfavorable market situation, Shanghai sales branch employees to shoulder the company great trust, overcome difficulties,china it company. and gradually Additions to office supplies, create a user profile, track market information … and gradually open the market, the user has won a firm foothold.

At the same time, the chairman of Xing Yuan repeatedly East to Shanghai, and Shanghai sales branch fought side by side, cheering for them; The company headquarters is also a strong support to the work of the Shanghai sales branch, to provide timely products to meet the terms of the contract, according to the branch office request to provide policy support both division of labor, but also with the inter-. After

10 years of operation of such a model, has become increasingly sophisticated, to ensure that the Qinchuan product sales and marketing in eastern China occupies The rate of growth year after year, sales volume, sales revenue, number of users with a new high.

mainstay fierce battle East

Shanghai sales branchs business scope covers Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui provinces and one city, developed market convergence of information, perception of Chinas economic development and changes in the first period,motorized valve. called a “barometer” of the Chinese economy. Over the past decade, Shanghai Sales Branch relies on greater Shanghai, aggressive Yangtze River Delta, keen to seize all information on market demand, expanding the the Qinchuan product market share and achieved remarkable results.

services in response to changes in the market for private enterprise in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Anhui, purchase decision, but the technology is weak, the strong dependence characteristics, Shanghai Sales Branch “right” to develop the corresponding marketing strategy, expected the benefits of the the Qinchuan product to the user as to stimulate users to buy warm magic weapon to solve the problem of user development as the entry point of the product sales and focus on the market to explore, nurture and culture of strategic users, large users, and give full play to their role in benchmarking. Decade, the Shanghai sales branch product sales, the number of users doubled to increase.

a few years before a Jiangsu small businesses trying to buy the companys first machine, the Shanghai sales branch initiative to provide For information about the use of information and precautions of the grinding machine, in a timely manner to send technical personnel to answer inquiries for them, the on-site training operators. Qinchuan the move was deeply touched by the CEOs of the companies now, when the name but not pass a small enterprise which has become the industry leading enterprises, the corporate CEOs and general manager of Shanghai sales branch has become business partners life friend. Launched the new YK7250A grinding machine, the enterprises have become the first one to eat crab “enterprise. Today, many of the adjacent businesses in the region under his influence, Qinchuan products the first choice when buying products.

2008 swept the international financial crisis around the world to make a business a users feel more difficult, overnight, a large order Ministry of loss, enterprises are facing the risk of layoffs and closed. Make full use of the master branch a variety of effective, proactive product sales matchmaking companies, and successfully helped the company pull through. Today, the user has purchased dozens of Qinchuan products and continued to buy, such examples are numerous.


developed market and prosperous economy brought about not only opportunities, as well as fierce contested. Has been Qinchuan products continue to experience the challenge of foreign products, but also to domestic counterparts salivate coveted grinding machine market. Shanghai Sales Branch all staff work together, through active sales and pro-and service after several foreign brands and other competitors sort of “fight” down, effectively slowing the pace of massive attack foreign grinding machine to choke other domestic competitors, the company won a valuable response time.

Today, Shanghai Sales Branch tentacles machinery industry from a single stretch a number of emerging areas, creating numerous marketing opportunities. customer base throughout the automotive, marine, power, port machinery, wind power, hydraulic drive, reducer and other industries.

Hengdao immediately witness the loyalty

into the stable development of the Shanghai sales branch, has been able to calmly deal with a variety of market challenges, and overcome all difficulties.

2010 by the national economic stimulus plan, market demand increased sharply, the contract after another. The face of over-enthusiasm in the market, the Shanghai sales branch offices to maintain a sober. This year, the Shanghai sales branch in accordance with Xing Yuan, chairman of the user from the user process to the entire solution, from drawing board to the product, “the transformation and upgrading, to create a service-oriented Qinchuan”, began to consider the business an extension of the chain, you clerk-depth understanding of the user enterprise production process, rigorous calculation of the user enterprise development, the number of the equipment required in accordance with the machine efficiency, and actively help users to develop technology solutions at the same time, take the initiative to strengthen links with the East Service Center, for the future integrated marketing has laid a solid foundation. 2011, the chairman of Tai Kok Tsui, personal attention and support of the company headquarters, the East Service Center included Shanghai sales branch, sales and service of collaborative mechanisms to be realized, further extension of Shanghai sales branch of the business chain, the formation of the service to provide support for sales, service and sales to the formation of a joint force of the work situation, the initial realization of the successful transition from selling products to marketing services.

from the second half of 2011, the domestic economic situation, a sudden cooling. A keen perception of the Shanghai sales branch to this thanks to the widespread change from July first to make detailed arrangements, monthly decomposition of all accounts receivable tasks to people, asking everyone to do their utmost recovery of payment in advance, while required financial, back office fully cooperate to ensure that the target payment in a timely manner or to recover the advance. The fourth quarter, the recession bad news after another, in the face of most users caught in order to reduce or completely canceled, have to postpone the delivery of the unfavorable situation, the Shanghai sales branch to take timely measures, analysis of user situation, different user different characteristics, to develop one-on-one reminder strategies, and fight hard. The end of the year, exceeding the annual sales target, sales copy and sales revenues once again both exceeded the historical record.

chairman Xing Yuan, said emotionally: “In difficult times, the last who Hengdao immediately? Is Shanghai sales branch you, and played a pillar of strength! “

this year, the domestic economic situation is still grim. The face of difficulties, the staff of the Shanghai sales branch is still in the high passion, strong sense of responsibility and lofty mission, fighting the various markets in Shanghai and Zhejiang Jiangsu and Anhui, with tangible results once again prove they are worthy of a branch of Tarawa market powerhouse.