Quaker Chemical won the Mercedes-Benz engine plant chemicals outsourcing management projects

Quaker Chemical won the Mercedes-Benz engine plant chemicals outsourcing management projects
Quaker Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. (Quaker Chemical (China) Co., Ltd) contract in May 2012 Mercedes-Benz engine plant chemicals outsourcing management projects.
Chemicals management as a new management model can help customers effectively manage a variety of chemicals, integrated to reduce production costs, to achieve the optimization of production processes, increase productivity. The cost of the chemicals than the tool in metal processing, energy consumption and waste disposal costs can be described as the tip of the iceberg, and the standardized management of chemicals can be targeted to help you maximize the savings in this part of the overall cost. Chemicals management models since the late 1980s, General Motors, after 20 years of development and improvement, has been world-renowned automobile manufacturers are widely accepted and adopted.
Quaker as the worlds most professional metalworking fluid manufacturers, the cumulative process of 90 years of professional experience and has extensive knowledge of chemicals management, understand your specific situation and problems, through the procurement and warehousing of chemicals, Safety Health and Environmental Protection to track, process management to continuous improvement in four different service orientation for your customized set of solutions, is committed to helping customers reduce overall cost and improve the competitiveness of our customers.
Quaker Chemical from June 2012 onwards, all-round management of the Beijing Benzs new engine plant process oil, including all types of metalworking fluids in the devices initial installation, daily operation and management, the oil supply chain management, and related equipment operation and maintenance. Quaker professional chemicals management team has always focused on creating value for you,pneumatic cylinder. through standardization of work processes and management models in order to achieve process optimization and security by helping to establish the chemicals, laboratory and powerful information systems, quality of chemicals monitoring and data analysis, Quaker In addition to sending full-time chemical engineer production workshop on-site management, training and continuous improvement of the implementation of field projects, two-way communication with Beijing Benz chemicals management coordinator, and strive to the continuous improvement of its processes and cost savings.
Quaker with their own professional experience in chemicals management in China has for Honeywell, SAIC-GM-Wuling, NAC, Pratt & Whitney aerospace, SAIC, FAW Volkswagen and other several well-known companies to provide chemical management services , and won the respect and recognition of the customer. The
Quaker Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. is the winner of the Excellent Supplier Award 2008 Chinas auto industry outsourcing, Quaker Chemicals Management services (QCMSSM,) in April 2011 by the AI ​​”automobile manufacturing” magazine awarded the “AI good user Awards.
Information on chemicals management in Quaker Quaker site management services page www.quakerchem.com.cn
Quaker Chemical Company, please visit (which is a leading global businesses to provide processing chemicals supplier of chemical specialties, services and technical professionals in these industries, including steel, aluminum, automotive, mining, aviation, pipelines, coatings and building materials. our products, technical solutions and chemicals management services can be to improve customers processes, improve the quality of their products and reduce product cost. Quaker headquarters in Philadelphia, USA, Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, China.