Qinchuan Machine Tool Group tool business to export North American market

Qinchuan Machine Tool Group tool business to export North American market

Qinchuan Machine Tool Group tool business to export North American market
Broaching machine tool company AmericanBroach & Machinecompa Juan ny (ABM)

recently came good news: in 2011, ABM sales grew 26% to achieve profitability. Among them, the most dazzling one, undoubtedly the Hanjiang tool gear cutting tools and broaches products through the Groups foreign technology and service platform successfully entered the U.S. market. This is the group following Qinchuan CNC gear grinding machine exported to the U.S. market, the complexity of the tool business re-exported to overseas high-end market.

As a key part of the Qinchuan machine to enter the overseas high-end market strategy, ABM has played the role of the “bridgehead”. Qinchuan development through its sales channels, gear grinding products successfully exported to the U.S.,iron fines. Brazil, to enter the Ford, GM a supplier of production lines to achieve a zero breakthrough of domestic high-end CNC machine tools exported to Europe and high-end market. With the growth of the export volume of the gear grinding machine, ABM efforts to build the technical support and after-sales service platform of the Groups machine tool products in the U.S. and European markets, the Organizations technical support team on a regular basis with the user-site training in the country on a regular service personnel to take advantage of export mill in the United States tooth machine operation skills training to master the operation essentials and potential users of the machine demos and gear test grinding, while the sales staff regularly visit customers to take the initiative to help users solve the problems of the machine during use, with an open mind to listen to the opinions of the users,installing crown molding. and improve customer satisfaction, optimized for overseas high-end market, technology improvement and new product development for the companys products have accumulated a lot of first-hand information. To solve the “endurance” ability of the Groups products sold in the U.S. and European markets, and expand the influence of the the Qinchuan brand overseas.

Since early 2010, ABM and Hanjiang Tool Group in close cooperation. As the manufacturing base of Chinas large, sophisticated tool, with world-class manufacturing equipment, The Hanjiang tools to seize the opportunities of the U.S. manufacturing rebound, with the ABM in the United States with extensive sales channel, technical support and after-sales service capacity, in particular, is relying on ABM Excellence the complexity of the tool repair, sharpening capacity for gear cutting tools and broaches paved the way for the U.S. market.

For further play the role of the “bridgehead” in North America, reflecting the value and competitive advantage of the the Qinchuan Corporation CNC machine tool industry chain, to expand the export of high-end market in Europe and America, two mid-to late The Hanjiang machine to go in Michigan, USA ABM and QCAmerican, conduct market visits and business negotiations. User visits and technical exchanges with the University of Michigan, to understand the North American market, basically established the Han River ball screw, linear guide products rely on the QCA platform to develop the North American market point of a win-win model of cooperation, so that the Group sales of the series, complete sets of the companys products and services in the North American market.