Qinchuan machine -complete sets of gear processing equipment line- appearance CIMES2012

Qinchuan machine “complete sets of gear processing equipment line” appearance CIMES2012

Qinchuan machine “complete sets of gear processing equipment line” appearance CIMES2012

high precision and efficient high reliability – machine tool technology, “Feast” Qinchuan boiling point “

2012 12th – 16, the Eleventh China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES2012) held in Beijing.


Qinchuan Machine Tool Group to bring hot hobbing, gear cutters, chamfering, heat, tooth grinding, finishing and testing including complete sets of gear cutting equipment line, in the eyes of industry expectations has long been a strong attack CIMES2012. Corporation complex surface processing technology and equipment constitute one of the gear sets of processing equipment line, the showcase facing the auto industry beat, equipment efficiency and reliability just need new requirements, and will undoubtedly become the show a “boiling point”.

In addition to the YK3132 CNC gear hobbing, the YK7230 NC worm wheel gear, and gear measuring center universal gear tester GZ118B CNC axle The characteristics of the equipment grinder, YK7632 CNC cycloid grinder, VT600 processing centers, a number of market segments, the remanufacturing of upgrading ZB grinding machine and a series of NC rotary table and milling functions head, superhard abrasive, machine tools and auxiliary machine, full appearance, multi-angle, multi-faceted show Qinchuan machines unique mode of competition and brand connotations.

prove safety of high-end aspirations to the worlds advanced level of gear processing equipment

worm wheel gear grinding of high-efficiency engineering problems is a matter of multi-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary complex huge system issues. Aspirations to the world advanced level, the YK7230 grinding machine to the precision, high efficiency,pressure relief valve. high reliability, par Europe and the United States technical level, easier said than done!


” But myself the the Qinchuan people in their own areas of expertise to enjoy the interpretation of the tackle tough stories of innovation. The YK7230 efficient, high-precision, high reliability from the new structural design and use of new technologies: the worlds most advanced direct-drive technology for the first time, precision machining (pitch and the cumulative error) to achieve an accuracy; first using SIEMENS840D control system, and the secondary development of dual-channel automatic conversion; equipped with automatic loading and unloading functions for the first time; for the first time a magnetic induction switch workpiece fast automatic tool changer; overcome a 1-5 head worm wheel trim and grind cutting process, the continuous displacement of the grinding function to ensure that large workpiece feed rapid grinding; the capture of high-speed grinding technology, the wheel speed to 63m / s -80 m / s, the workpiece spindle speed improves 3-4 times doubled to improve the grinding efficiency. And compact, modular configuration, with the workpiece alveolar automatically margin is automatically assigned, anti-collision and dumped oil, operation and easy maintenance features.

rigorous determine success or failure. Crystallization advantage YK7230 is also Qinchuan “fine” (precision machining, precision testing, precision assembly). Manufacturing technology such as high-speed spindle, high-speed grinding wheel spindle balancing technology and precision assembly technology, anti-electromagnetic interference in sonar, magnetic induction, automatic tool technology, long worm wheel (including abrasive, feed rate, feed times) grinding technology experiments and development, the wheel without stopping the machine automatically grinding technology-depth exploration and research, to enhance the quality of gear surface grinding technology, with the gradual resolution of these key technical issues, and significantly improve product quality and stability.

As the grinding machine acceptance Qinchuan machine assembly site a user has said, understand Shaanxi and product R & D model visited Shaanxi and process equipment, saw YK7230, we understand the competitiveness of Qinchuan where. Users said competitiveness is actually Qinchuan machine casting and precision machining; from the heat treatment to precision assembly, from precision testing machine of self-application of process-proven product process manufacturing, application authentication mode, and this mode visualization, control, can improve the endogenous capacity can be cured.

is also due to full mode from technology to applications, and experimental validation, Qinchuan machine gear equipment manufacturing technology and gear and equipment application technology to promote the brand and increase their competitiveness, forging an inexhaustible impetus to the development.

innovation platform carries forward research and development

The aggregate elements of the industrial chain has created a full closed-loop and spiral technology and industrial ecosystems, domestic machine tool industry is a rare platform for innovation model is developed further highlight Qinchuan machine and depth of innovation forward.

Recently, the national major science and technology of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment – high efficiency and precision gear machine product technology innovation platform “approved by the Ministry of Industry, Whispering Qinchuan . Marks the companys innovative capacity-building into the “more emphasis on basic, overall progress, improved rapidly,” a new stage of technological innovation.