Province Securities Regulatory Bureau leadership to check the hardware store, online trading (Figure)

Province Securities Regulatory Bureau leadership to check the hardware store, online trading (Figure)

the morning of June 5,casting in art. the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Zhejiang Province, the Authority deputy director of Cai Jian-Chun,rubber tube. Director of Research Department of Zhejiang Province Securities Regulatory Bureau Wang Jixiang, Zhejiang Finance Office of the market at researcher Zhang Xinrui group Yong Lu, Yongkang, vice mayor of Yongkang City Development and Reform Commission, Deputy Secretary Hu Hao, accompanied to the “hardware store” to inspect and guide the construction of e-commerce platform and online transactions work.

Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau leadership check the hardware store, the online trading

e-commerce, general manager of the Hardware City of Tonkin dry briefly introduced the municipal government and the Hardware City Corporation, in recent years vigorously support the cultivation of Chinas hardware store website, and reported the status of the operation of the Site.

Caijian Chun, deputy director of the site visit and listen to the reporting pointed out that the physical market and the virtual market of Hardware City, combining tightly around the characteristics of the economy to run the online trading market, be “a two cities were brilliant, very solid, accomplished. “Hardware store” online trading market, spot, and attaches great importance to business regulation, making the reliability of online transactions to be effectively guaranteed, and reassuring. E-commerce is the only way to continue to do bigger and stronger on-line market.

Vice Mayor Lu group Yong Hardware Mall the achievements made by the website said sure, and stressed the need to further strengthen its efforts to support the development of the online market. (China Technology Hardware City Group Xuen Dong)