Prospects of the valve industry

Prospects of the valve industry

Prospects of the valve industry

few days ago, 2010 in the south Valve Industry Development Forum in Shanghai began to speak, the Forum came to the people, information, investment in the valve industry is an attractive option.

valve “change” money

recently, one on the valve and the money “message has attracted the attention of many people: Hong Kong will be held in June this year, the issue of HK $ 10 valve monetary matter reported by the media, and sometimes attracted to people curious about the valve notes. Jointly sponsored by the Chinese valve Processing Industry Association, of the valve industry associations and other units before 2010, the south valve industry development forum “from the province and the central provinces such as Henan, Hubei, Shanxi, Anhui, and Shandong, Guangdong investors and businessmen in Zhejiang and other places, meet and discuss for the first time the valve is the “change” money trick.

“one of the latest use to make money with the valve, but the valve. “China valve Processing Industry Association, said. He introduced the valve industry has now become the basic materials industry to keep pace with the steel, cement, timber and other industries. The valve industry is a sunrise industry, the central region of visionary entrepreneurs, investors,washing machine valves. investment in the valve industry, I believe will Sunchon, located minutes. Liao loud and clear to the forum.

market attractive

I learned that in recent years, the Chinese valve industry into the fast period of development, has become Asias largest valve machining center, one of the worlds largest valve market. However, per capita consumption level of our valve products in the world and not high, currently only $ 22 per capita. Power station valves, chemical valves, valves, etc. The rise of valve construction materials and food, indicating that the broad prospects and attractive market.

experts pointed out that agricultural production in a variety of agricultural greenhouse film, mulch film, agricultural water-saving valve equipment and so on the application of valves, pipe widely used in modern agriculture, rural valve pipeline applications are also increasing, only to solve for people and livestock Chin water projects on the considerable demand valve pipe. Various valves, pipe demand a substantial increase in urban architecture. Automobile manufacturing, valve manufacturing auto parts is increasing, the developed countries, power station valve average more than 10 billion 70 billion, the average usage rate of Chinas power station valve. These stimulate the market demand of the valve industry.


Valve Industry Association an official told the author, according to estimates, the Shanghai valve products market, an annual gap of $ 18 billion.

gain an advantage

the face of an attractive market “pie”, Shanghai the central region to seize the initiative, the first valve industrial park in Shanghai this year, officially settled Maezawa valve. Maezawa Valve Co.mold removers., Ltd. 6 Enterprise and Ningxiang Economic Development Zone has signed an investment agreement, six valve industry investment projects a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan.


Valve Industry Association, a responsible person, the Shanghai valve industry, annual production capacity has reached 10 billion annual processing output of 60 billion yuan, becoming the larger province of Light Industry, a fast-growing industry, but there are still development is not very fast, small enterprises and medium-sized valves, product quality issues. If you can seize the opportunity is still great, the valve industry, the rapid development of space.


important is the “threshold” of the investment in the valve industry has gone up. With related industries diversified, the depth of the development trend of valve products identity protagonist gradually from daily necessities to the broader industrial sector to expand high-tech fields put a higher demand for valve products. At the same time, a variety of end-of-life valve products, environmental treatment, recovery and recycling, and other tasks will be increasingly difficult.