Precision CNC machine tools from the market prospects of intelligent manufacturing equipment

Precision CNC machine tools from the market prospects of intelligent manufacturing equipment

Precision CNC machine tools from the market prospects of intelligent manufacturing equipment

Equipment manufacturing is a manufacturing, production technology and equipment for the national economy and national defense construction is the core component of the manufacturing sector, the development of the national economy is the foundation of industrial development. Establish a strong equipment manufacturing, improve Chinas comprehensive national strength to achieve the fundamental guarantee of the industrialization.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment in many areas, but the combination of areas of previously high-end equipment has large aircraft, satellites, high-speed rail, marine engineering major and complex strategic project to determine the direction of development, and the recent strategic The new industry specific guidance catalog began to promote the implementation of the “must have a major technological breakthrough,” the principle of the International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui analysts believe that the most intelligent dedicated equipment (robots, various types of unmanned machinery) and intelligent control systems in these two areas reflects the “high-end smart” features, the same time, both on behalf of the industrys technology upgrade direction, there are clear market demand and industry prospects and the current capital market does not give enough attention, so will most likely intelligent manufacturing equipment in the most potential area of ​​investment. The basic matching function

intelligent manufacturing equipment is not only reflected in marine, high-speed rail, aircraft, satellite and other high-end equipment, ancillary parts and manufacturing equipment for other industries, such as simple matching, more important direction of development for the industry to provide the control system, complete sets of production lines, robots and other advanced form of matching. Therefore, Luo Baihui that the “12th Five-Year” period, will focus on development for the aerospace, shipbuilding, power generation equipment manufacturing heavy, super heavy-duty CNC machine tools, multi-axis and composite processing machine tools, high speed and efficient processing machine, large-scale, precision CNC machine tools.

12th Five-Year Plan focus dwell high-end equipment manufacturing, the rapid growth of the automation needs of the birth of the industrial robot market. The high-end equipment manufacturing as one of the seven strategic industries of the 12th Five-Year Plan will accelerate industrial upgrading and structural adjustment in the next five years, will generate strong demand for manufacturing automation, the rapid growth of the industrial robot market.

AGV robots to maintain stable growth. AGV mainly for the automotive industry, Chinas demand for about 1,000 units / year, about 60 percent of the domestic manufacturers. In the field of international advanced technology, the only high performance AGV series of standard products to the automotive industry enterprises in recent years, nearly half of AGV products exported to foreign countries.

In the field of automated inspection and assembly line, the company monopoly potential market segments. Company in the field mainly for the automotive spare parts, low-voltage electrical, military products Processing Machine and other equipment and so on. Automated assembly and testing of production line for car door locks and low-voltage electrical various manufacturers, the companys size and strength, a dominant, monopoly part of the potential market segments.

National Underground Railroad ushered in a building boom, demand for rail transportation automation systems. More than 20 cities in Mainland China is the new (expanded) to build the subway is expected to subway line in 2015 will reach 86 in the next five years, a total of more than 40 new, Shenyang will add 3-4. Shenyang Metro Line 2 rail transit automation systems, already have a bid for qualification to participate in other lines of the system.

Military robotics market open, imagine the infinite future space. Chinas military spending over the next five annual growth rate of up to 14%, up to 1 trillion yuan in 2015. Increasing emphasis on the military to raise the level of equipment automation, the various branches is strong demand for special robots, imagine an infinite market space. The company has successfully provided a special robot for the military to lay the foundation for entry into the broader branches of the military market. The

Nantong Science and Technology established a development strategy to machine tools, real estate, venture capital, “two industry a platform”. Formed a mutual support of the development pattern for the real estate and the machine tool business, real estate business into the harvest period, within the next five years will continue to be an important source of profit; machine tool business in the product structure adjustment period, the medium and long term will become the leading industry.

Real estate business into the harvest period.

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