One machine Group- Building a high-end equipment park to promote the transformation and upgrading                                

One machine Group: Building a high-end equipment park to promote the transformation and upgrading                                

One machine Group: Building a high-end equipment park to promote the transformation and upgrading                                
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specialized production, large-scale, scientific management. Group in the “12th Five-Year”, a machine to build Chinas first world-class military and civilian vehicles, group development ideas, to cultivate the construction of military and civilian combined with casting base, forging the base drive and base of operations, as well as the digital R & D and manufacturing platform, to create a The high-end equipment manufacturing is characterized by advanced industrial park. As a result, the high-end equipment, park came into being.

October 30, 2011 laid the foundation stone of the high-end equipment Garden Equipment Manufacturing Park is located in Baotou city Castle Peak area, covers an area of ​​approximately 4800 acres with a total investment of over 20 billion yuan, autonomous regions, Baotou City, industrial transformation and upgrading of major projects. Park pilot high-tech, modern manufacturing industry as the theme of unified planning and logistics, unified information flow, unified integrated services, the goal is to build first-class high-end equipment manufacturing park. New equipment, the park is completed, the existing one machine Group plant will be manufactured as a military research and development base and civilian-military combination of new industries, new products, new technologies to cultivate the trial base and incubator; new high-end equipment manufacturing park will serve as a machine, group product industrial base.

“the purpose of building a high-end equipment, park lies in the restructuring, extend the industrial chain through the adjustment of product structure, increase value-added products and equipment, construction of the park, you can enhance the integration of external resources and systems integrators the ability to better play to the cluster effect and scale effect. “said Jin-Quan Li, chairman of Inner Mongolia, one machine Group.

high-end equipment manufacturing industry with technology-intensive, high value-added, less consumption of material resources, promote the role of strong. Thus from the outset, one machine Group on the selection of projects to establish the park project all the standards of the high-end manufactured goods. It is understood that the intended admission North Pennines heavy-duty truck assembly, engine, body, frame, suspension, steering, vehicle rubber parts, military and civilian casting, forging, transmission, base of operations, non-war military equipment, etc. 11 projects. many projects to fill the gaps. Such as the North Pennines 50 000 heavy truck assembly project, built a world advanced level in the final assembly line in Chinas heavy plate of the car; 100,000 heavy trucks, aircraft projects, the level of the European Synchrotron lightweight, high-intensity car frame, while the production line is also the first domestic roll frame production line; vehicle rubber project to R & D and manufacturing the worlds advanced level of damping products.

since the high-end equipment, park foundation, started the first project is the North Pennines heavy-duty truck assembly project of 50000, 100 000 heavy truck frame construction projects and the rubber elastic element expansion project, 2013 March to complete the commissioning of equipment, and officially put into operation in May. The second batch of construction projects for the heavy vehicle engine project, soldiers and civilians to the four bases of casting, forging, transmission base as well as digital design and manufacturing and other projects, has received the approval of the relevant state ministries, the project proposal stage, and strive to the end of 2012 with the implementation of conditions; the third series of construction projects including heavy vehicle engine core components of the project, the project of steering, suspension items, non-war military equipment projects, the core components of the high-speed rail projects, currently underway in joint venture negotiations and project pre-feasibility .

Jin-Quan Li said, the high-end equipment park to establish a “new machine” means a machine group recycling. The park is completed, is bound to a Machine Group upgrade its technology position, market position and strategic position to inject new momentum to achieve industrial enhance the quality of the equipment manufacturing industry of autonomous regions, and promote the upgrade of the equipment manufacturing industry to mention, promote the industry and extend the supporting cluster development of great significance. (Reporters Jun-Jun Guo F, Wang Lianying)