Nanchang bearing market- to cohabitation consumers difficult to distinguish between true and false

Nanchang bearing market: to cohabitation consumers difficult to distinguish between true and false

Nanchang bearing market: to cohabitation consumers difficult to distinguish between true and false
Former deputy plant bearing mixed sell the same brand, same model bearing the price disparity, bearing a street filled with a large number of “no” … In recent days, this reporter Nanchang, Jiangxi bearing market survey found that products bearing on the local market was mixed, consumers difficult to distinguish between true and false. the chaotic the


“looks exactly the same bearing, the price is even a difference of several times, I do not know how to buy. “Not long ago, Nanchang owners Mr. Wang told reporters reflect, in early February this year, in Nanchang Castle Lake Road near an auto parts store to their car to install a front wheel bearing, with less than two months, bearing broken. Wang find the auto parts store, the staff said he had to buy factory parts, not by the parts originally manufacturer, quality is certainly satisfactory, and highly recommend the original bearings and imported bearings. Careful Mr. Wang found that the bearing store sales prices ranging from 80-500 yuan looks almost indistinguishable from the appearance. Wang taking into account the bearing related to traffic safety, and ultimately chose to spend the high prices to the 4S shop replace the bearings.

the same brand, same type of bearing, the price is why such a disparity? Morning of May 7, the reporter went to Qingyunpu District of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province Express Auto Parts market survey. The reporter has visited more than 10 auto parts stores, it was found that the sale here bearing original Vice plant, the difference between. The original bearings, businesses can only guarantee is a genuine original, but a problem shifting; Vice plant bearing only three to six months shelf life.

in an auto parts store called “Wal-action”,pipe calculator. the reporter said to buy the Beijing Hyundai Elantra, the front wheel bearings, the owner immediately recommended a price of 90 yuan of bearing. When told reporters that the price is too cheap, quality is difficult to guarantee, the owner and from a box and took out the two bearings, said a 130 yuan plant parts, another $ 280 genuine parts. The reporter observed a long time, in addition to the digital coding under the barcode on the product packaging, almost no difference between the two.

Qingyunpu District not far from Jiangxi Province Express Auto Parts Market, three stores in West “bearing a Street”, the reporter noted that many businesses Sales of bearings packaging rudimentary state, and even many of the “three noes” products. When it comes to after-sales service, all businesses have said that “out the door and not responsible.


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as machinery equipment, automobile and other industries important, bearing products are widely used in all walks of life. The quality of their products are directly affected by the operation of machinery and equipment, and vehicle traffic safety.

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Nanchang owners shoddy bearings encounter danger. April 2 this year, Mr. Zhou a three to drive to the Jinggangshan traveling by car, I did not expect normal driving on the highway, he long ago, a sudden rupture in an auto parts store to replace the left front wheel bearing. Fortunately, the speed unhappy, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. Face of the unexpected failure, Chow Best hard to understand, there is no collision, the bodys basic well-axle why suddenly broken? Professionals to detect, Chow learned that replacement bearings, inner diameter, diameter, clearance, and other indicators failed, leading to a dangerous situation.

in the survey on May 7, the reporter interviewed some of the installation bearing a special trip to the auto parts market owners. “Figure cheaper here!” Liu, a middle-aged woman told reporters that the bearing of the auto parts market, the price than the 4S shop for at least more than half, the feeling of quality are similar.

reporter interviews found that most of the owners on the dangers of counterfeit and shoddy bearings are cognitive enough that bearing looks the same, will not spend money to buy the original plant products. Also part of the consumer is unable to determine the authenticity of the bearing, but mistakenly purchased fake and shoddy products.

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May 8, Donghu District, Nanchang Consumers Association is responsible for people analysis in an interview with reporters, The the Nanchang bearing market has been confusing, mainly because of shoddy products to survive, multiply the space. Unscrupulous companies to reap huge profits while counterfeiting, selling, consumers in order to reduce the cost to purchase fake fake, inferior bearing accessories in the market supply and booming situation arising therefrom. The responsible person

called on the authorities should not only intensify supervision and specifications bearing the consumer market, and qualification should also be the source of the manufacturer to raise the bearing the enterprise market access threshold, those who operate non-standard enterprise product quality is not guaranteed exclusion from the market outside the gate. The same time, consumers should consciously resist the purchase of fake and shoddy bearings if it is found that the product purchased is counterfeit and shoddy or “no” should be immediately reported to the authorities to take concrete actions to maintain a normal market order.