Mold industry to survive- the corporate restructuring to the development of high-end

Mold industry to survive: the corporate restructuring to the development of high-end

Mold industry to survive: the corporate restructuring to the development of high-end

With the extensive use of the mold, each year in the machinery industry mold consumption value is 5 times the total value of all types of machine equipment, heat loss of existing energy policy is also extremely refuting. International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said that the consumption of large quantities of mold, not only directly increase the cost of doing business, but also lead to a large number of production lines frequently discontinued due to frequent replacement of the mold, eventually causing huge economic losses.

Although our mold already has made significant development in terms of Chinas overall national economic development speed, the development pace of the mold industry is still quite slow. According to Luo Baihui survey, due to mold raw material and energy prices increased sharply and other reasons, last years mold industry profits unified decline; in order to survive and develop, many companies have adopted the material switch as the restructuring and development of significant measures.valve corporation.

domestic mold production cycle is higher than the international level, but the product is still relatively low level, mainly in the accuracy of the mold cavity surface roughness, the life and structure of and so on. The proportion of Chinas mold technical personnel of enterprises, lower level, and does not attach importance to product development, often in a passive position in the market. Average of each mold workers to create value to about $ 10,000 of foreign mold industrial countries are mostly 15 to $ 200,000, some $ 25 to $ 300,000, as opposed to the considerable part of the mold companies followed in the past workshop management, real modern enterprise management, enterprise less. Luobai Hui said that Chinas mold industry to continue to improve production capacity, but also to focus within the industry restructuring and raising the level of technological development. Structural adjustment, mainly corporate structure to become a professional adjustment of product mix toward the development of high-grade mold, high-end automotive panel die shape analysis and structural improvements to the improvement of import and export structure, multi-functional composite molds and composite processing and laser technology in mold design and manufacture high speed cutting, super finishing and polishing techniques, information-oriented development.pressure drop in pipes.

In recent years, the pace of Chinas mold industry structural adjustment and institutional reforms to increase, mainly in large, sophisticated, complex, long life, high-grade mold and die standard parts growth rate than the general mold products; a larger proportion of the plastic mold and die casting mold; the number of professional mold factory and its production capacity increased; the rapid development of foreign-funded and private enterprises; to accelerate the pace of joint-stock reform.

Geographically, the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, the southeast coastal areas of rapid development in the Midwest, the Souths rapid development in the North. The fastest growing, mold is most concentrated in the provinces of Guangdong and Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui and Shandong and other places in recent years greater development.