Metal plating Note

Metal plating Note

Metal plating Note

jewelry plating process, in order to improve the performance of the electrolyte and to improve the quality of the coating, often need to add some additives, including surfactants is one of the main varieties,cast bronze. it has a smooth, light, diffusion, changing the physical properties of coatings, inhibition of acid mist escaping role.

plating commonly used surfactants peregal, OP emulsifier, sodium lauryl sulfate, methylene-bis-naphthalene sulfonate fluorosurfactant active agents, fatty acid polyoxyethylene esters, polyoxyethylene castor oil.

plated Qing lotion

metal workpiece before plating, you must first degreasing cleaning.cast call. surface clean. Otherwise, the deposition layer on the surface combined with bad, even when serious lack of sedimentary


workpiece surface of the oil spill action, vegetable oils and mineral oils, move or vegetable oil saponification reaction can occur in an alkaline solution to form a water-soluble soap removal; and glycerin, mineral oil or other non-saponified oil with alkali to make chemical decomposition, to be with the role of surfactant in order to remove from the metal surface. Degreasing process, surfactant molecules are first adsorbed on the boundary surface of the oil solution, oil in the role of the surfactant lipophilic and hydrophilic, coupled with the convective stirring of the solution gradually metal surface out into the solution, was a very small ball to the formation of the emulsion.

typical steel parts degreasing formula:

sodium hydroxide 20 ~ 30g / L, trisodium phosphate 30-40g / L, sodium carbonate 30 ~ 40g / L, OP emulsifier 1 ~~ 2g / L, 30 to 50 ℃

strong corrosion when the surface of the part in removing the oxide, the corrosion process to produce a variety of harmful gases, mist gas escape when a great impact on the environment and equipment. If the surface of the pickling solution in the pickling tank by adding a small amount of OP emulsifier to produce a layer of foam to prevent the escape of mist.