May excavator data -double down- sales of the bottom may have been

May excavator data “double down” sales of the bottom may have been

May excavator data “double down” sales of the bottom may have been
many works did not start as scheduled May excavator sales year on year, the chain were significantly decreased, the

Reporter learned yesterday,. The industry believes that the excavator sales in June will reach the bottom, but the market is warmer still time.

statistics show that as the star products of engineering machinery, in May, the 28 major excavator manufacturers were sold excavator 10870, a decrease of 29.28% year on year decline 23.92%, the market continues to slump.

analysts believe that May is a transition period between the traditional excavator sales peak seasons, the manufacturers of the month downturn that have some mental foundry. Because each project funding is still not in place, there are still many new projects are not expected to start; the other hand, the downstream demand continued to decline, resulting in excavator sales this month, again lower.

market participants believe that, with the government “steady growth” efforts to continue to increase investment in the future growth will be restored, good engineering machinery market.

May 23, the State Council executive meeting explicitly to promote the “12th Five Year Plan” major project implementation schedule, start number of the overall situation, driven by sexual strong major projects, railways, energy saving and environmental protection, rural and western areas of infrastructure, education, health, information technology projects in the areas identified to accelerate the progress of the preparatory work.

CICC analyst Wu Huimin, the acceleration of infrastructure investment in the second quarter is expected to continue to strengthen at the same time as the base greatly reduces the stimulating effect appeared in May The construction machinery industry sales growth will gradually improve.

analyst also believes that the basic reach the sales bottomed in excavator sales in June,investment castings. followed by months of sales will not decline significantly, with the funds in place after another , the market will gradually bottom out.

But analysts also pointed out that although the sales bottomed basic reach, but the pick up of the market still needs time.

introduction, the construction machinery industry pull from strong to weak followed by real estate investment, investment in the mining sector, investment in railways, road investments and water conservancy investment.

, the Government continues to stress the “stability and strict implementation of the real estate market control policies, real estate companies are most concerned about is how to inventory. To the inventory is basically completed, the willingness to invest in new projects. Therefore, as the first factor driving the growth of construction machinery – real estate development and investment do not see significant improvement.

industry believes that the significant improvement of the real estate investment should not have high expectations, the strength of the recovery of the construction machinery industry.

despite the overall market is poor, but domestic brands performed significantly better than foreign brands.

data show that excavator sales in 5 the thirty-one heavy machine 1333, to reelection monthly sales champion, and year-on-year sales increase of 8.64%. January to May, Sany sales remained the leading edge of the second Komatsu nearly 4,000, import substitution is moving forward steadily.