Maersk withdrawal of the -new ship-

Maersk withdrawal of the “new ship”

Maersk withdrawal of the “new ship”

A few days ago the Board of Directors of AP Moller – Maersk Group main Xi La Si Mu Sen at the annual general meeting of shareholders to the shareholders to improve the profit margin of the container shipping industry this year will be more integrated.

2011, Maersk Line, a loss of $ 603 million, compared with 2010 profit of $ 2.6 billion.

Conference, Rasmussen admitted that in 2011 the industry did not happen influential mergers and acquisitions,house mold. but through a cooperative way, the shipping companies online in Asia and Europe yielded several important integration, Maersk Lines main competitor has been formed by the three major alliance. He said this was almost certainly a response to the launch of the Maersk shipping competitors everyday Maersk Service.

Competitors are skeptical about the Maersk Line had hoped to low tariffs can force some boat companies to accept the acquisition of large companies, or simply out of the market. Counterproductive, sounded the clarion call of Maersk Line, with the intention to regain lost market share in 2010, other shipping companies have to unite to fight back.

However, Rasmussen still Maersk Line last year, has regained market share, he revealed last year in the global market share of approximately 15.5%. In the Asia-Europe online market share increased from 17.8% to 19.4%, traffic grew 16% more than last year 7% of the route of trade growth.

“Therefore, the primary goal of the company have been converted to improve profitability. At the same time, we will continue to maintain market share and implement long-term strategy that we grow and develop along with the shows that are casting.” Las Rasmussen said. He said the company on March 1 and April 1 in the Asia-Europe line prices have been very successful.

However, Rasmussen also warned that the Group expects the global container shipping force this year will grow 10%, but the global container trade growth of only about 5%.

In Maersk Lines focus returned to profitability, to achieve this goal on the one hand by increasing the tariff, on the other hand rely on cutting costs and improving efficiency of the company more competitiveness.

“2011, the market environment faced by the shipping industry is very difficult. Some excess capacity within the companys revenue will continue to squeeze. In view of this, coupled with the company last year, investment made not less new ships this year, we will suspend investment in new vessels, and we expect the investment of the entire shipping industry this year will be lower than last year. “Rasmussen said.