Machine tool industry to feature high-end machine tools into the main point of competition in transition

Machine tool industry to feature high-end machine tools into the main point of competition in transition

Machine tool industry to feature high-end machine tools into the main point of competition in transition

of the worlds largest machine tool consumer and importer, in 2011, Chinas machine tool industry in industrial output value of more than 7400 billion, an increase of 32.5%. But the scale does not equal quality, met the qualitative bottleneck for sustained growth in the amount of domestic CNC machine tools, high-end market share of possession of less than the overall brand image should be improved and many other issues, has caused great concern of the industry.

International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui introduced, high-end machine tools into the main point of competition from the second half of 2011, our versatility The small machine tool sales plummeted, the market demand quickly turned to precision high-end machine tools and complex high-end machine, efficiency, accuracy, reliability as the main point of competition.

2011 metal cutting machine tools sales of approximately $ 26 billion, an increase of 23.8%. The domestic machine tool sales of $ 15.5 billion, increased by only 15%, while imports of machine tools sales of $ 10.5 billion, an increase of up to 40%.

Luo Baihui research, in 2012 a quarter of the domestic machine tool orders fell 20 percent to 30 percent. However, most manufacturers said the 2012 quarter was slightly better than the 2011 fourth quarter sales, and that the follow-up quarter of the year will be the chain growth. Some technical background, higher product precision product information to promote better follow-up market demand for judgment is more optimistic, and product upgrading is not obvious, the degree of precision not enough business to determine more pessimistic outlook.

machine tool industry is a significant cycle lags behind industry, orders are generally about a year later start than other strong cycle machinery sub-sectors,valve manufacturer. real estate, construction machinery and other large industries apparent rebound in the boom of the machine tool industry is difficult to fully to. However, the machine tool industry is beginning to show Chinas economic transformation characteristics, demand significantly to the precise, complex, efficient and high-end direction.

from the development situation of Chinas machine tool industry, domestic CNC machine tools in particular severe low proportion of high-end CNC machine tools. January 2011 to August, Chinas machine tool industry average yield of NC was 30.94%, an increase of 2.9%, but compared to some developed countries, the machine tool numerical control rate of 70% level, the gap significantly.

2011, Chinas metalworking machine tool imports the growth rate of 40%, much higher than the growth rate of 26% of the domestic metal processing machine tool output value. Imports from Germany and Japan, two-thirds of the total, the average unit price of push metalworking machine tool imports rose 33.2 percent. By the high pressure of imports, domestic metal processing machines, domestic market share of 66.1 percent, 0.8 percent lower than last year.

this aspect of the structural upgrading of the domestic market demand for acceleration, significantly increased in high-end market demand; the other hand, reflects the domestic high-end products at the technical level, industry, to adapt to the market capacity, and overall service,washing machine parts. and many still can not meet market demand.

compared with the international advanced level, the Chinese machine tool machining accuracy, reliability, efficiency, automation, intelligent, and environmental protection, there are still a wide gap. At present, the enterprises should grasp the opportunities of market demand, the adjustment of product structure as soon as possible, to seize the high-end product market.

recently at the Seventh China CNC Machine Tool Fair, the Shenyang Machine Tool (000,410, stock it) Group launched 20 units of international standards of intelligent customized products exhibitors. This is a positive attempt made CNC machine tools to high-end markets and areas of focus into.

In this regard, Xing Yuan, chairman of Shaanxi Qinchuan Machine Tool Group, Chinas machine tool industry to enter the high-end market direction is desirable, but or several CNC machine tools can replace imported to fill the gaps of the high-end to achieve catch-up is not enough.

because often, when the industrialization of high-end machine in a certain kind in China has just successfully developed foreign competitors immediately resorted to price cuts killer to block the commercialization of new products, process, and then re-introduce an upgraded version of the same products and improved version.

To this end, Xing Yuan, Chinas machine tool industry in order to truly achieve a breakthrough in high-end CNC machine tools, research and innovation path to establish a positive development is the right way .

overall brand Chinas machine tool industry, there is an urgent need to enhance deep-seated problems in the past several years has been high growth figures conceal. Now, in the process of growth to return to reason, deep-seated problems of the industry will naturally surfaced. For decades, the machine tool industry and businesses from the technology to track imitation to independent research and development, introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation to integrated innovation, from the independent innovation to the original innovation, we have experienced several stages of innovation, caught lagging behind to catch up to lag further behind and then catch up with the cycle. In fact, the crux of that we did not seriously consider, the real solution where the source of a fundamental problem of business innovation, what is the path of innovation?

innovation source of demand terminal. From the point of view of the relationship between technology and industrial development, the healthy development of an industry depends on the technology research and development, basic research, applied research, as well as generic technology research ongoing, depending on the enterprise as the main players in the market, whether it has sufficient ability to integrate , and explore the technology source and to control the evolution of technology.

while enterprises of this willingness to integrate related technology and capacity, it is precisely due to the accurate understanding of the process of downstream users. Real-time grasp of user needs and requirements change, based on the innovation-driven technology solutions to provide users, the machine tool industry and enterprise technology research and development work will they be deep excavation of the internal driving force.

domestic machine tool industry in the domestic market share of about 70%, while the CNC machine tools market share of only about 43%, a very high dependence on foreign ; end CNC machine tools, especially the high, fine, sharp CNC machine tools market share of less than 10%, leaving much room for development for high-speed precision CNC machine tools in China.

in the Chinese economy into the adjustment period, the expansion of infrastructure construction will drive rail, wind power and power equipment needs, indirectly stimulating the machine tool industry needs. Military, aviation and other industries with the more rigid requirements of sophisticated machine tools, the backward state of the sophisticated machine tools in China has seriously hampered the development of aviation, national defense, the State is bound to increase investment, the future of military aviation industry demand sophisticated machine tool industry to produce long-term pulling power.