Looking for the machinery manufacturing industry continues to grow, -Blue Ocean-

Looking for the machinery manufacturing industry continues to grow, “Blue Ocean”

Looking for the machinery manufacturing industry continues to grow, “Blue Ocean”
In the past 30 years, the the

Chinas economy to maintain 10% average annual growth rate, the wonders of the world. Investment, consumption and exports are recognized-led growth, troika, especially investment in new projects to bring continued prosperity of the machinery manufacturing industry.

However, at the beginning of Twelfth Five countries adjust the structure, the steady growth of the new strategy. The back of new projects continued to decline, how the machinery manufacturing industries and enterprises to adjust their thinking, look for continued growth in an uncertain environment “Blue Ocean”, to maintain growth performance?

Blue Ocean layout

as a manufacturing leader, Caterpillar from the 70 enter the domestic markets high quality construction machinery and gain a firm foothold, and today has long been quietly turned out of construction machinery, the “Red Sea”, the layout of a complete business model and open up a piece of the growth of the blue ocean.

in Caterpillar footprint, construction machinery is only a branch of mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, generators, gas turbines and remanufacturing logistics and other diversified business to meet customer needs in their respective fields, the Carter device has quietly penetrated into various fields of infrastructure construction, infrastructure construction in China to contribute, while supporting the continued growth of the enterprise.


steady growth target is the continued growth of the industry into a more important position than rapid growth. Close up fists out more forcefully. Caterpillars ongoing R & D investment for sustained growth process of the power savings. Caterpillar has always attached great importance to R & D investment, even if the economic slowdown in China today. This fully shows the confidence in Caterpillars long-term growth of the Chinese market. This vision has to guide the Caterpillar took the lead out of the woods, into the recovery of the rising channel.stainless casting. 2009 is the most serious stage of the world economic crisis just past, many industries are cutting spending, Caterpillar is no exception, delayed the extension of the many projects. R & D centers is one of a handful of the original plan. Such measures to adhere to the R & D investment after the economy recovers, great benefits, a strong impetus to the Caterpillars progress in Chinas large loader and engine projects. So far, Caterpillar (China) R & D center has a number of engine test stand that can support the development of dozens of horses to more than 3000 horsepower diesel engine. Also has a multi-purpose vehicle integration center,butter fly valve. multiple Fuel Systems Laboratory, Electrical and Electronic Laboratory, Materials and Chemistry Laboratory, rollover protection laboratory, hydraulic system, laboratories and advanced virtual simulation center. In the past two years, the center completed a variety of series of the localization of engines and machine and a new engine and vehicle development, has made tremendous contributions to the development of Caterpillars business in China.

tune structure, the same is to “go a long way, from the extensive business into sustainable, healthy growth. Remanufacturing is a magic weapon to achieve sustainable development in Caterpillar, which uses manufacturing technology and top of the manufacturing process using the parts due to remanufacturing, making new products. This process reduces the waste generated and to minimize the manufacture of new parts on the demand for raw materials, can effectively promote Chinas sustainable development and environmental protection cause. Caterpillar also has a very advanced technology in the field of remanufacturing. In 2006, Caterpillar signed a letter of intent with the China Development and Reform Commission, will provide expertise to support the development of the remanufacturing industry in China. Caterpillar Remanufacturing Services is the first remanufacturing license in China to obtain foreign owned company. In order to support Chinese customers and dealers and other customers in the Asia-Pacific region, Caterpillar established in Shanghai with a regional remanufacturing center. In December 2009, Caterpillar announced the formation of re-manufacturing joint venture with China Yuchai, the company will Yuchai diesel engine and its parts, as well as part of Caterpillar diesel engine and its components to provide remanufacturing services.


to the “New Cheese” you want to grow

When talking about the industry and the global the views of the economic development of the situation, Caterpillar issued a positive, optimistic view.


Caterpillar Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Douglas OBrien Herman (DougOberhelman,) said, “We expect to maintain growth in 2012 and continue to implement our strategy, particularly in product quality, product development, integration of acquisitions resources, increase productivity, and other fields. . ”

Caterpillars global business in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly China, India and ASEAN countries are the key growth area, will be Caterpillar long-term growth play a crucial role, Caterpillar cheese. Optimistic expectations of this, and not just focus on one area of ​​construction machinery, but on global economic trends, and make judgments based on the confidence of their own business diversification. Long term, the process of urbanization in India and China, the infrastructure construction in developing countries, developed countries of obsolete infrastructure repair, as well as worldwide growth in energy demand driven commodity up-cycle has long been promoting where we industry growth. Said Rilla text, Caterpillar group president.