Locks enterprises innovative design concepts to develop the high-end market

Locks enterprises innovative design concepts to develop the high-end market

Locks enterprises innovative design concepts to develop the high-end market
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high-end market is certainly attractive, but not at your fingertips, the need for high-end technical materials, means of high-end baking. The number of domestic locks enterprises, why not go the road of technological innovation? Many people actually say, innovation is likely to remain the innovation, then suddenly died.

This is part of the voice of small and medium-sized companies lock. This means that to be innovative we should have to pay, because of the huge market and huge profits behind, as well as the invisible things called costs. High innovation cost prohibitive for many small and medium. However, since the problem already exists, there must be a solution.

relevant leaders of the China National Hardware Association, said the State encourages technological innovation, and also to encourage the adjustment of industrial structure. Such as: encouraging with some foundation and the size of enterprises to attract foreign investment, promote technology transfer and technological innovation; help SME financing, to encourage SMEs to the reorganization of assets and mergers, the gradual formation of large enterprise groups, in order to expand business scale, to increase strength; culture has The leading enterprises of its own brand products, thereby stimulating innovation and development of the industry as a whole.http://www.china-steel-parts.com.

innovative design required to change their ideas

For those who have a certain strength to lock eyes domestic market businesses, you first need to change the concept. Locks the domestic market has long been out of the era of the “Iron General” and the increasing demand for new technologies, new processes. The use of locks with each passing day, people are no longer just the pursuit of its security, and also into fashion, beauty, advanced, and many other elements. The difficulty of developing high-end locks to bear the high cost of raw materials and design costs. High-grade lock is expensive, its material is very expensive. In addition, the high-end lock design is exquisite, the production process stress. These characteristics, it is difficult to realize a lot of Chinese locks small factories. The high-end market locks enterprises in China will by the stage of development

According to the lock industry experts, the country locks sales year in more than 2.2 billion. Only fingerprint lock, for example, It is estimated that the commercial market, including financial, military, police, office, each year about one million copies in the market demand, while the civilian market demand is also a substantial increase. From mechanical locks to electronic locks, lock industry is experiencing a leap-forward development.

At present, China has become the worlds largest producer of of locks, and the formation of the four main production bases: Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Zhongshan, Guangdong, Shandong and Shanghai. “But China is not the power locks, because the products are mostly cheaper low-end products. Those high-end locks mainly produced in Europe, the United States and Japan.”

with the increase of the number of high-grade building, locks enterprises will certainly go to develop the high-end market.