LED street lamp is a huge room for improvement, will be universal access to the market

LED street lamp is a huge room for improvement, will be universal access to the market

LED street lamp is a huge room for improvement, will be universal access to the market

2012 years, destined to be a year full of opportunities and challenges of Chinas LED industry, in the year to seek progress, the pursuit of sustainable development in the longer seems is particularly necessary. LED lighting industry unanimously optimistic, but how to Fengeng still depends on the companys core technology and competitive strength.

for LED street lamp, a national brand is not much, mostly regional brands, therefore, related businesses, there is still some space for development.aluminum handrails. LED lighting is still in the initial penetration stage, pre-marketing and consumer word of mouth to form a significant impact on product quality assurance is the core foundation of the enterprise survival and development.

the LED industry is facing new opportunities and challenges, the opportunities are obvious, the challenge is the vast majority of the country thousands of LED companies core technology and core competitiveness in the fierce market competition is bound to has been eliminated. The whole lamp 90lm / W LED lamps of the performance have been beyond other fixtures, and rising among the near future is bound to become the market mainstream, of course, the current phase of the product is not perfect, such as the standard interface, LED The radiator material consumption and other issues to be resolved.

LED road lighting standards to develop greatly lags behind the industry and product development. Variety of dimensions and internal design of the market, LED lights, visible appearance of the product, LED light-emitting particle arrangement and quantity, the driver circuit, poor interchangeability, maintenance difficulties, which have become constraints LED road lighting R & D and manufacturing, to promote an important factor. The industry also called on relevant authorities as soon as possible according to the actual situation of Chinas LED street lamps to develop a refinement to quantify the operational norms or standards. The manufacturers also pay attention to the standardization of their products, specifications and series,3 way valves. using a common interface and reduce costs.

from the application point of view, the LED street lamp also need the following two improvements: first, to further enhance the system efficiency, a comprehensive alternative to the 400W sodium lamp. Second, to further reduce the color temperature, and ultimately the product of a comprehensive application of 3000K. In addition, to reduce costs is still the direction of our joint efforts in the last three years.

install the application, due to LED lighting is the transformation project, without changing the existing light pole away from the LED lamps and high case alternative light distribution The design often focus too much on the road illumination uniformity, but makes the uniformity of the vertical brightness is very low, will produce serious effects of zebra, affect vehicle safety, expect this issue to receive attention in the planning of urban road lighting.


It seems, LED lights enhance believe that in 2012, LED lights will start in the development of technologies to enhance under comprehensive alternative to the era of the traditional street lights, LED lighting enterprise ready?