LED lamps output value will reach forty billion in 2015

LED lamps output value will reach forty billion in 2015

LED lamps output value will reach forty billion in 2015
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countries to vigorously develop new energy construction, production value will reach 400 billion yuan in 2015. LED lighting is still as a support and development of new energy construction projects. The lighting industry will be the strong support of national government policies and funding.

lighting capital continues unabated production value of up to forty billion

ancient town official media, the town will be to create provinces and cities to build the lighting industry to upgrade platform, provincial and municipal levels of government departments will be given strong support policies and funding. The main objective of the construction of the platform, by provinces and cities to build mode to build the international town marketing center, technology center, the center of innovation as the core of the global lighting industry center and livable providers should industry. In the near future, the town will build the new-type industrialization demonstration base in the “12th Five-Year” period, the lighting output value reached 40 billion yuan in 2015, with 1-2 national and global well-known brands with annual sales exceeding 50 billion enterprises, 30 million businesses. To create an international marketing platform, the lighting industry sales of 50 billion yuan in 2015, more than 3 billion yuan in annual sales network. Annual training and the introduction of high-end talent to 3,000 people. Integrated financial services platform to create the lighting industry. According to Guzhen Town party secretary I tin basin, the ancient town of the regional industry to upgrade the main task of the platform including the construction of a national marketing platform for Guangdong Lighting procurement centers, improving the lighting price index system, improve the lighting industry service platform, the development of lighting creative design industry, to strengthen intellectual property rights protection, and strengthen the implementation of technical standards for smart strategy, industrial upgrading and expansion of corporate investment and financing channels, including strategy, including the development of headquarters on Commerce, Science make good use of city resources, improve the urban functions and supporting urban upgrading strategy. industrial upgrading led the city to upgrade the city to upgrade the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading. I tin pots also frankly, the provinces and cities to build the lighting industry to upgrade platform is the provinces first regional industrial upgrading platform, involving the construction of the content is very broad, ancient town in the next five years, industry upgrading and urban upgrade plan a road map.seals manufacturers.

Guzhen Lighting enterprises over the next decade trend of development


Sousa deep, starting from the current the next decade, lighting in the town still plays an important role, is still the main event. Lighting the East, for example, the company has always been crystal lamps fight, specializing in domestic projects. Although the whole of society to promote green energy saving LED lights, the effect of LED light is still poor, and completely replace incandescent to take time on the Crystal Light. The East, such as lighting crystal lamp manufacturers have tried to install LED bulbs in the crystal light, but the technology is not yet mature enough to achieve revolutionary success, will take some time. In any case,what is forging. the LED replacements for incandescent is imperative that the future is dominated by the LED to enhance the quality, cost control is particularly important. Oriental lighting is not necessary want to change because crystal lights with LED bulbs away to the acquisition of LED manufacturers, so there may be risks. Oriental lighting can help a social division of labor is increasingly clear, the LED bulbs installed in the crystal lamp can be purchased from a dedicated LED companies. Orient Lighting is still the heart of professional professional thing to do then. This ancient town most of the lighting business development in the next decade trend.

the LED Ball Bulb Light promotion efforts will be strengthened

LED light source technology is increasingly mature, but to promote the open, but also requires a certain time, the ordinary energy-saving light sources have a lot of market share. The Sousa deep pointed out that the media should keep a clear mind, absolutely do not give “instead of” a variety of light sources, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps in luminous efficiency, energy saving than the traditional incandescent lamp has several times to ten times the advantage, but after 70 years of development up to now not completely replace incandescent lamps, LED lighting, no matter how it can be said, in the present and after 10 years can not completely replace traditional light sources. Development and demise of a thing is a historical process, not simply to put forward any slogan. Therefore, fluorescent lamps and other lighting products in the current and future for a long time will continue to develop. With the national energy saving, energy saving and emission reduction policies continue to promote the depth, the towns energy-saving light source enterprises will get government support, began to force the rural market, energy-saving light source will be a large number into the farm, leveraging the energy-saving subsidies, preferential policies light price rationalization, the quality of the light source is becoming more stable.

China is a large agricultural country, through all these years of development, the growing demand of rural households for lighting. Farmers cover the area of ​​the house, and also began to pay attention to lighting appearance. The common incandescent light bulbs will gradually be eliminated will be replaced by the tricolor energy saving lamps. Therefore, the ancient town of enterprises will continue to force energy-saving light source. In any case, LED bulbs light promotion efforts will gradually strengthen.