LED enterprises to implement the new marketing model- free installation of energy-saving LED lights

LED enterprises to implement the new marketing model: free installation of energy-saving LED lights

lamps free installation, the electricity savings of the year will split into such a good thing you are willing to try? Shaoxing wenjia environmentally friendly new materials introduced Energy Contract Management hanging from the many companies appetite.

in the workshop is located in the the Hengyi poly Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., staff from the Shaoxing wenjia new environmental protection materials are inspections of lines, replacement of some old lamps.episodes cast. “The saving effect is really very clear, we spent almost a year of electricity savings of nearly 10 million! Shanghai Hengyi Poly Fiber Co., Ltd., responsible person to reporters calculations, previously used by their company is a 36-watt fluorescent lights, in accordance with 340 working days a year, one day 24 hours computing each year a light electricity 326.4 degrees; with the the Shaoxing wenjia new materials provide energy-saving LED lights, the power of 8 watts. a light electricity per year of 65.28 yuan, 261.12 kWh savings per lamp year electricity savings of 188 yuan.


“Our company has been committed to the development of energy-saving products, the market share of R & D of energy-saving LED lights to open up the situation very well.head gasket seal. Wu Mingdong of Shaoxing wenjia environmentally friendly new materials business manager, said the company from its inception in 2004, has invested 20 million yuan of R & D costs hundreds of times the test, now produces all varieties of energy-saving LED lights on the market than similar energy-saving lamps but also energy saving of 25%.

energy-saving products successfully developed Shaoxing wenjia environmental materials company has also introduced advanced marketing model – Energy contract management model. “We hope that in the product promotion at the same time, the implementation of energy saving ideas. The person in charge of the Shaoxing wenjia environmental materials company, said in order to make their energy-saving lamp market, they introduced the energy contract management model that the other companies do not need to spend a penny, free installation and use of energy-saving LED lights, and savings the tariff is divided into.

the beginning of many companies are a bit do not believe that, after trial, more and more companies joined this mode, energy saving at the same time, also won for themselves the benefits.