Jinan Machine Tool- Structural Adjustment prove safety of high-end

Jinan Machine Tool: Structural Adjustment prove safety of high-end

Jinan Machine Tool: Structural Adjustment prove safety of high-end

2012 CCTV “News Network” news broadcast “industrial slowdown, industry structure to speed up the adjustment of the economy two as a typical enterprise media coverage, certainly a general decline in the environment of order and efficiency of the domestic machine tool industry, economy two remained stable development of occupation of the achievements of the high-end market. This is the economy two following the “Oriental Horizon” reported in January this year, once again boarded the CCTV key news programs.

Ji Zhang Zhigang, chairman of the board in an interview with reporters, Jining increase R & D, the adjustment of product structure and rely on to enhance value-added products to occupy the high-end market, achieved remarkable results, high-end products accounted for 30% of the share of sales from the past to more than 50%.

In recent years, economic two stick to high-end marketing strategy,air solenoid. and strengthen research and strategic development of high-end customers, has introduced a completely independent intellectual property rights, and today The worlds advanced level to maintain the synchronization JIER brand of high-tech products. Ford project, being implemented in both inside and outside the industry caused a tremendous response, Chinese equipment into the international high-end market to enhance the work of the representatives of the brand influence. In fact, before the Ford project, Jining in the game with a world-class competitors, record breaking success, to promote the competitive landscape constantly changing. The joint venture domestic auto companies are purchasing the most advanced high-end equipment in accordance with international standards.prices of scrap aluminum. At present, the U.S. Department of Ashkenazi, Japanese auto companies to purchase and use the economy of the stamping equipment.

2010, long-term procurement of foreign high-end stamping equipment, FAW-Volkswagen and economic two signed a high-speed automatic 69000kN arms punch line subscription contracts; in March this year, Shanghai GM Dong Yue Motors stamping line item on the 5th to put into trial production, coupled caused a sensation in the industry before the Dongyue on the 4th line and is producing Shanghai the generic Beisheng base two fast lines, Jining, Shanghai GM, the worlds five class level, a large and rapid punch line. In early May, General Motors India to provide 5250 tons automatic robot feeding punch line across the ocean, the arrival of the user, ready for installation and commissioning. In addition, economic two have won Dongfeng Nissan-GM-Wuling, Volvo, Fiat, Guangzhou Automobile, Changan Suzuki, Changan Automobile, Chery, Great Wall Motor, FAW, BAIC, Guangzhou and other key customers high-end product orders. This is not only the increase in market sales, more technology, continuous improvement of quality and service, the overall level. According to statistics, in 2011 Jining large fast automatic punching production line and other high-end domestic market share from 15% in 2007 to 60%, 1000 tons more than the press had bid for the successful rate of 76%, equipped with almost all of the car manufacturers.