Jinan Machine Tool smart stamping equipment for international orders

Jinan Machine Tool smart stamping equipment for international orders
Recently, Jinan Second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (Jinan Machine Tool) Ford two plants of five large fast smart punch line in one fell swoop include ordering the contract in the international competitive bidding. This is a Ford for the first time the past two decades purchasing complete sets of stamping equipment for the production of non-European countries, Jinan Machine Tool has won international standard sets of stamping equipment orders, not only marked the international competitiveness of Chinas independent intellectual property rights of domestic stamping equipment significantly upgrade, also indicates that Chinas manufacturing has gradually transformed into the “Chinese wisdom made. Jinan Second Machine Tool
since the 1980s, the introduction of foreign advanced mechanical press design, manufacturing the entire technology and adhere to the design of R & D and marketing concept of “tailored” to promote the “introduction of technology absorption and then innovation “, laid a solid foundation for independent innovation. As a result, Jinan Machine Tool began with the long distance race of the advanced enterprises in developed countries. Jinan Machine Tool forging technology development and the international advanced level synchronization
Jinan Machine Tool has the national technical center
innovation, state-level enterprise R & D center, an annual technology R & D investment accounted for more than 5% of sales revenue, while improving internal innovation and mechanism construction in each of the rewards of technological advances, management innovation, technological innovation and rationalization proposals, nearly 10 million. After many years of innovation uphold and investment, Jinan Second Machine Tool technology system continues to mature and perfect, self-developed 80 kinds of new products, has completed more than 450 countries (sets) the development of key equipment, especially in CNC punching equipment in the field, independent research in auto stamping production lines, robot automatic punching production line, large-scale automatic rapid feed punch line, heavy duty multi-mechanical presses, Servo presses todays international forefront of technology products, the general promotion of users covered by General Motors, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan and Honda, the worlds major auto manufacturers, the main technical indicators and quality indicators have reached international advanced level. Nearly three years to complete the national, provincial and municipal research projects 58, 35 patent applications, technical progress and product output accounting for more than 70% of the added industrial output value.
National scientific and technological implementation of major projects, lead role in promoting further demonstrated
Jinan Machine Tool assume a number of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment technology major projects subject , the development of products, represents the current international advanced level. Up to now, there are four issues through national acceptance to master a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, the main technical performance indicators reach or approach international advanced level users to produce the test of practice, be stable and reliable.
In recent years, the world famous forging manufacturers committed to forging machinery, high-speed, flexible to meet the automotive high-volume production needs of many varieties. For domestic and international market demand, according to the order of market analysis and user requirements,cast iron beds. Jinan Machine Tool combined with the national commitment to high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment “major science and technology research projects, self-developed to developed 42000kN large fast and efficient CNC automatic punching production line. The whole line is composed by a 18000kN closed four-point multi-link press and three 8000kN closed four-point press, configuration synchronization control systems and arms fast feeding system, the entire line of presses with a continuous stroke mode of production, production beat up to 15 times per minute, through the programming will involve 16 features nearly 100 action cross to achieve a full range of mold automatically change the entire line to die change time of only 2.8 minutes (general artificial production line retooling time is 30 minutes or more other automated production lines, automatic die change time is more than five minutes), to better meet the forming requirements of a large stretch of high-quality, high efficiency, degree of automation, the worlds highest productivity in stamping production line. The Accumulate
Jinan Machine Tool intelligent manufacturing high-end arena won the favor
Ford come into contact with the last to sign the order from the initial 2004, before and after the Jinan Machine Tool seven years of investigation and negotiations, from the technical characteristics of products, quality assurance system to the corporate human resources, development strategies and cultural concepts, Ford senior Jinan Machine Tool all-round evaluation, and ultimately trust The vote for the Jinan Machine Tool.
In this high-speed development of the domestic auto industrys golden era, a large number of domestic auto companies, including Chery, BYD, Changan, Great Wall, as well as General Motors, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and other selected Jinan Machine Tool production stamping equipment. At the same time, the complete set of products exported to the United States,mini power supply. Brazil, Thailand and India and other foreign markets as a world famous automobile companies supporting Thailand Sa Schmitt, Dana Corporation, USA has repeatedly ordered Jinan Machine Tool equipment; early 2011, Jinan order contract to provide the punch line of 5250 tons automatic robot feeding machine access to General Motors India, as the general contractor responsible for the overall design of the full range of equipment, manufacture, installation and commissioning, integration and turnkey.
As an important competitive force in the international market, Jinan Machine Tool has to undertake the production of single-arm feeding punch line, arms feeding punch line of high-end products all over the domestic automobile manufacturing group, for the development of Chinas automobile industry provides a strong stamping equipment to ensure that Chinas automobile industry, the volume, quality provide a basis for support. Faced with the urgent needs of the high-end intelligent equipment, Jinan Second Machine Tool is committed to the development of greater tonnage smart punch line, to further strengthen the technology systems integration to enhance the online real-time control, online monitoring, self-diagnosis, self-repair, remote monitoring service the technical performance, to create new competitive advantages in the Chinese stamping equipment.