Jiangsu Province enterprise academician workstation Nantong forging formally

Jiangsu Province enterprise academician workstation Nantong forging formally

Following the large tonnage of Jiangsu Province forging equipment engineering technology research center, Nantong Forging Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department and the Department of Finance approved the establishment of another provincial scientific and technological innovation platform “Jiangsu Province enterprise academician workstation. Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, academicians, representatives of Rugao city government, and Nantong forging general manager, attended the listing ceremony.
Jiangsu Province enterprise academician workstation aimed at business innovation needs to rely on corporate R & D institutions and research cooperation projects for the link, and guide the province and outside the Academy of Sciences and its innovation teams into enterprises, services for enterprises, to overcome the industrial core and key technologies,steel investment. and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, training the personnel of enterprises to innovate and provide strong support to enhance independent innovation capability and market competitiveness. Jiangsu Province, the first enterprise academician workstation construction project was officially launched in August 2009, set up workstations mainly rely on the provincial high-tech industries backbone enterprises in the field. Nantong Forging academician workstation
Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences set up a joint research cooperation projects for the link to conduct a joint extreme equipment structural design technology press servo-driven power systems, large-tonnage frame design theoretical research programs and manufacturing processes and technical applications.safety valve. The company invested several hundred thousand dollars academician workstation equipped with 800 square meters R & D space and 200 square meters of training places, more than 10 sets of new types of professional equipment. Academician workstation the establishment of
will accelerate the drive team-building and creative talents of the company research training to enhance the companys innovation strength, and to promote new technologies, new achievements in the industrial application of Nantong forging hydraulic press, mechanical presses the development of strong technical and personnel support. Nantong Forging also academician workstation as an opportunity to further increase investment in science and technology, improve the research platform and conditions of facilities and reasonable allocation of the relevant scientific and technological personnel and technical resources, and constantly deepen the research and innovation institution-building, enhance the independent innovation, vitality and development potential .