Jiangsu breeze Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                                

Jiangsu breeze Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                                

Jiangsu breeze Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                                

Jiangsu breeze compressor manufacturing Limited was formerly founded in 1965, is one of the domestic fixed-point production of compressors and accessories well-known enterprises. After 35 years of entrepreneurship, not only the accumulation of mature compressor design, manufacturing technology and quality management experience, and cast a well-designed,ductile iron pipe. carefully manufactured, dedicated service, the constant pursuit of the spirit of the breeze, and a sincere and dedicated staff. The company specializes in the L-, V-, Z-type gas compressor and accessories design, manufacture and service. Over the years the award-winning companies of the appraisal industry, provinces and cities in the “Star Enterprise”, focusing on protection products and other honors.

Jiangsu breeze Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River gold delta covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, including building area of ​​18,000 square meters, close to the south according to the Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, east high-speed Beijing-Shanghai, Nantong Port, 328 West Hill Road, convenient transportation and communication. The company has a hundred sets of sets of a variety of metal machining and specialized equipment; hundred sets of sets of the detection, analysis and test equipment devices; with physical and chemical testing, metallographic analysis, magnetic particle testing, the whole test,valve actuator. and complete testing means and casting, gold processing, assembly, debugging, and complete the process of collaboration conditions. Leading products of the L-shaped, V-, Z-type air compressors, specialty gas and process compressors are widely used in many areas of mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, civil engineering, health care, food and tobacco, with its powerful, stable and reliable technology performance, rapid and sensitive security system, compact and innovative design and thoughtful service favored by the users, and the multisectoral recommend for optimal dynamic gas source.

Jiangsu breeze Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in succession qualified enterprises by the Ministry of Agriculture, total quality management, GB/T19002 measurement assurance system to confirm, but also committed to press GB/T19001-2000idt9001: 2000 The standard is established, implemented a quality management system. The winds of the past to the quality of the return to the community trust and support of all users are sailing to singing in the breeze today, carefully planned to insist on continuous quality improvement, diligently pursue the excellent quality.

well-designed, precision manufacturing, air compressor Taiwan and Taiwan is the user fresh atmosphere source


“breeze” commitment to quality

the wind strong, stable and reliable, quick and sensitive security protection, innovative compact design, operate freely high work efficiency from the winds of careful design and Seiko secret agents of the manufacturing, quality means to meet the requirements of users and appropriate laws and regulations, The strong wind of the air compressor whenever and wherever is always breeze the focus of attention, the winds of all the work around quality.

sincere dedication, heart services, all winds is the purpose of quality of user loyalty partners


is breeze sincere dedication over the years in order to have been the “heart” for customer service for the user that would like to think, expect to do everything possible to do, do strive to do a good job the first time. The overall satisfaction of users of the product quality, cost performance, delivery and service standards, is the purpose of the winds have been insisting on quality, to become the users loyal partners has been the greatest honor of the breeze people.

continuous improvement, diligently pursue the level of product quality at the forefront of the industry

quality goals of the “breeze”

; regardless of the quality of the winds do more good, always also be able to do better, to enhance customer satisfaction, exceeding the users needs and expectations, is the breeze relentless pursuit. Continuous improvement, innovation and the pursuit of a down-to-earth manner, and strive hard the wind, the level of product quality in the forefront of the industry, it will be a breeze eternal quality objectives.