Japanese companies to nurture local talents to the family of the importance of staff management model

Japanese companies to nurture local talents to the family of the importance of staff management model

large-scale manufacturer of the machine Citizen Seiki Miyano Nagano representative machinery industry enterprises in China to promote Japans manufacturing philosophy are various efforts . Many Japanese companies entering China because of rising wages and employee turnover labor problems and frustration. However, in Nagano enterprises different with this business. They used the ties between family management attention and staff, to ensure that the outstanding talent to take root. A Ministry Chun, general manager of the Citizen (China),
precision machinery companies are also facing the front rows of Chinese employees, said: “Quality is a priority in order to establish the brand image of Chinese products, must come up with the best quality product. ” This is the companys daily routine of the morning. As early as the meeting in the cold summer rain or shine, runners from around the plant over the average age was 23 years old, about 220 people standing in the wind, listened to every word of the general manager.
In the early session, not only the management to his speech to motivate staff, the department would like to raise business improvement report. The main content of the report is the solution of the problems found in the housekeeping standards process, and the staff response to these problems. Even if the introduction of the excellent mechanical performance, the experience gained in Japan to get here, but really let these play a role is actually a one of the employees. To improve product quality, general manager Abe attaches great importance to the development of qualified personnel.
In the production line, the company is under a lot of effort to stimulate the vigor of their dry. The companys employees to put forward their own goals, and then think about how to achieve the target. Meanwhile, the company also allows employees to their own goals and can not achieve the objectives of punishment are posted on the wall. For example, target the purchase of private cars and left to work on the road can not complete the goal of punishment. Deputy General Manager Yang Bing smiled and said, if you have to target employees will be working hard, but also growing. The
would like to be a good way to enhance teamwork, that is, the hot pot dinner. To noon, employees poured into the cafeteria. Lying on the canteen table cassette cookers and cookware. The seat of the employees are not fixed, the face while sitting in the pot and sometimes every day changes. Yang Bing said to eat hot pot needs to cooperate with each other, need to work together to prepare the ingredients, so naturally you can also create the opportunity to chat with other departmental staff. In such occasions, not only talk to themselves, but also with each other to talk and each others work, such a precedent and basis for cooperation between other departments naturally followed established. Eating hot pot, employees not only the body feel warm, feel the mood of pleasant and enjoyable talk about. Citizen Seiki Miyano Chinese factory of these efforts paid off,cast mold. the quality of its products has been improved. A result, its main products CNC lathe not only popular in China, also exported to the United States and Brazil.
Small construction machinery manufacturing supplier of bamboo production are also being active in China, strengthening of qualified personnel. Served as general manager of its China branch Takeuchi Engineering Machinery (Qingdao), according to Tian Xinyan Senior Managing smiled and said, “morning greeting from breakfast to eat it? Into a Good morning”. This is because the company provides breakfast to the staff. Equivalent to the production process of hydraulic excavators and other parts of the arm are welding and spraying, and other physical work. Ida special services “if the morning do not eat, can not carry out physical work, but also more dangerous, so the company has decided to provide free breakfast.
Employees are from rural areas to give parents send money to supplement the family income, or save money to buy private cars and other reasons, some employees may even reduce the meals. Need to use the physical plant, staff may not eat on time an accident occurs. Although it is a small thing, but the breakfast has achieved great results.aluminum christmas trees.
In addition, the company also established a recognition system. The company will the medium-term strategy to explicitly tell the employees to improve staff awareness of the fighting. Employees take the initiative to improve the jigs and tools including a fixed part of the aircraft finishing manufacturing process. Ida special services, where production of the product quality compared favorably in Sakaki Town, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, the Factory.
The same time, digital camera parts molds and molding equipment Asama Seiki is also located in the cash to branch in Dalian City, have made great efforts to retain talent. In its local subsidiaries, Dalian Asama mold company, the staff has been working here since the company began operating in 2002, has been in senior management, the stable rate of employees is also very high. Allegedly often have the staff to the company “to employ my relatives,” the request. In addition, approximately 200 employees, yet there are about 10 pairs of husband and wife are working here.
Retain one of the key initiatives of the talent that is cordial and attentive guidance. Deputy General Manager Tsuchiya Wu wreathed in smiles that have switched over from the other company employees in front of my face, never plant can teach so carefully and patiently.
Manufacturing a keen interest in staff to the outbreak of a highly motivated, and then the mold design technology is also increasing. Of course, some employees do not like the stamping work, dangerous work and overtime, it is also true. Tsuchiya, deputy general manager expressed “Even Japanese people may consider”, he should cultivate the talents of local business development, training of staff engaged in various types of work, which will contribute to the expansion of business. The market is very trust the quality of the products of Japanese manufacturers, the company initially produced only mold, but now has expanded to parts molding and parts assembly business.
Accepted by Japanese companies, local governments turned their attention to the family of Japanese business management model. Citizen Seiki Miyano Zibo City, Shandong Province, where the mayor Zhou Qingli inspection of the factory of Japanese manufacturers in the city, in addition to the degree of standardization of manufacturing processes, superior-subordinate relationship between management and staff as close as brothers deep The sense of surprise. Zhou Qingli analysis, enterprise nurtured to produce a harmonious relationship between employees and further promote the business success. Zibo City plans to make greater efforts to attract Japanese companies co-operation with local businesses such as the chemical industry and fine chemical. Zhou Qingli also said that enterprise size are not limited to, hope to build the environment to attract SMEs in Japan.
Improve the quality of frontline employees, thereby improving product quality, improve the company, which is one of the special skill of the Japanese companies, of course, also can be said that the machinery industry in Japans premier gathering place for Nagano the greatest strengths of the enterprise. The benefits of family management to the importance of staff to nurture talent, doing business in China will not only be limited to cut costs.