Inverter market in China compete for increasingly intense, the low pressure will be the main battlefield.

Inverter market in China compete for increasingly intense, the low pressure will be the main battlefield.

Inverter market in China compete for increasingly intense, the low pressure will be the main battlefield.
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Huadian Energy Co., Ltd. Meizhou Bay power plant run branch on the 1st unit to pump inverter renovation project is in full swing like a forward, is expected to be completed by the end of June.flanges fittings. By then, four pumps inverter all the successful transformation of annual savings of 19,414 tons of standard coal.

According to reports, the governor of the inverter applied to the auxiliary equipment of thermal power units will very common, but these successful examples used in the inverter output power is generally less than 3000KW to 5700KW inverter used in the pump speed to improve their domestic the first time.corporate seals. Pump frequency success of the project implementation, for domestic power plants, large-capacity motor to provide a successful example of the implementation of frequency conversion transformation.

“It is based on the increasingly urgent energy needs, especially the pull of industrial energy efficiency, inverter market prospect is broad, industry analysts said. In the energy industry, this feast, the inverter market competition is heating up.

Chinese and foreign brands compete in the domestic market

race Di investment adviser researchers told the author that the domestic brands in the high-voltage inverter market has firmly hold a dominant position , but still lost to foreign brands in the field of low-voltage inverter.

It is understood that the domestic inverter market is the foreign brands to enter the originator, the market share of foreign brands to reach more than 70%. ABB, Siemens, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric and other foreign brands accounted for the lions share of the low voltage inverter market in the country. Domestic brands while Shenzhen Invt, Chengdu hope Shankland, Shenzhen Kymmene technology, represented by.

With the energy industrys rising status, the potential capacity of the inverter market has attracted a large number of industry participants. According to statistics, the number of brands on the domestic inverter market more than 100, in addition, there are thousands in sales agent and secondary development of the company.

Statistics show that domestic market growth rate of the inverter installed capacity of about 20%, calculated in accordance with this pace of development and market demand, need about 10 years time, inverter market to be saturated.

By industrial energy efficiency is a strong pull inverter

initial use is increasing speed control, with the technological development and social requirements of the efficiency of energy utilization, gradually being used in the field of energy saving.

It is estimated that the inverter motor system energy-saving rate generally up to about 30%, in some more occasions up to 40% and 60%, significant energy saving effect. Today, the drive is the direction of development of electrical energy.

According to reports, the frequency conversion technology earlier used for the coal industry, mine hoist, developed countries have the inverter is widely used for the governor or the belt of the belt conveyor conveyor start control, fan speed and pump speed control. Inverter is used in the above equipment in addition to improve the transmission performance, it is more important is that it can save energy. Power industry

energy saving, emission reduction, saving the situation is even more severe. Efficient inverter in many industries save energy, improve the technological level, therefore, to some extent, promote the inverter can reduce the pressure of the power industry generating capacity indicators in all sectors save energy while reducing emissions the amount of reducing energy consumption.

“On the other hand, one of the important areas of application of the electric power industry is also a frequency converter products. From thermal power plants in China and the inverter control process to see the wind, coal, water, slag and exhaust system, transmission device are suitable for low-voltage inverter applications. “a Beijing inverter manufacturers responsible person said.

Key device of the battle started

2011, the domestic market, shortage of low-voltage inverter, the first time grew faster than the high-voltage inverter The phenomenon of high-voltage inverter competition further intensified.

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