International Laser Application Technology Forum held in Shenzhen

International Laser Application Technology Forum held in Shenzhen

International Laser Application Technology Forum held in Shenzhen
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Sixth Asia (Shenzhen) International Laser Application Technology Forum in Shenzhen Baoan Peach Blossom Spring Technology Park Conference Centre on June 14 kicked off the Forum for two days, to analysis of application of laser technology to enhance the advanced manufacturing process “as the theme for laser technology in mobile phones, electronics, instrumentation, aerospace industry, precision machining applications, subject to expand high-quality discussions and exchanges. Baoan District, Science and Technology Innovation Board Zhu Peiping Vice Secretary, Guangdong Province Optical Society of Jiang Shaoji total Director-General, the Chinese Optical Society of Laser Processing Professional Committee king of another good, director and all over the country engaged in laser technology research of experts and scholars, business leaders and engineering technical staff of about 200 participants.

the meeting, Mr. Wang Youliang, well-known laser expert analysis of the development pattern of Chinas laser industry profiling, summed up the laser processing industry ten landmark event in 2011, and forecast Chinas laser processing industry output will reach 14 billion yuan in 2012.

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Taiwan Technology Application Association Riley Mr.anodised aluminium. Wen issued “Taiwans laser industry status quo and development ideas” speech. He mentioned that Taiwan is biased in favor of the application of laser technology, laser equipment dependent on imports. Lai also cited a number of innovative applications of laser technology, touch screen, such as laser, laser monitoring system at night, as well as laser mouse.

In addition, from Zhejiang University of Technology, Shenzhen University, an expert, and Coherent, Newport, the group company,types iron. Hans companys business representatives around the Keynote technical speech.


Asia (Shenzhen) International Laser Application Technology Forum 2007 held the first in Dongguan has been successfully held for six. The forum aims to promote laser technology in precision machining, manufacturing, electronic industry and display industry development and industrialization, increase the promotion and application of laser technology.