Instrumentation industry into the future market growth point

Instrumentation industry into the future market growth point

instrumentation industry future market growth necessary lush market driven and national macro-control policy under the guidance of, our instrumentation industry showing rapid, and healthy development trend.

in accordance with the initiatives of the global major instrument companies, we can easily invented digital, intelligent, acquisition of instrument products will become the main stream. In addition to the further improvement of the products, engineering and style integration skills, software exclusion, the operation and maintenance of doing things, etc. will become the industry a new growth point.


portable, handheld as well as Fu instrumentation of a large number of development followed by production development and the general public to make ends meet raising the level of the people for their own ends meet character and health of growing concern Detection and subsistence closely related to intimate kinds of goods, food character, instrumentation, medical instruments of prevention and treatment of disease and later development of the trend of an emergency. Scientific instruments live, real-time online, especially families and individuals to use health status and disease warning instrumentation will have a larger development.

2011 instrumentation market or will not be 2010 as gratifying growth rate, but modeled as usual will be a steady growth trend. The first five months of this year, investment in instrumentation and text do rigid construction industry amounted to 11.6 billion yuan, an increase of 39%. The performance of customs data, instrumentation,process valves. a quarter of exports of $ 9.441 billion, an increase of 40.2%. The first quarter of the entrance of the amount of $ 17.97 billion, an increase of 35%. Digital skills appeared to measure control precision analog instrumentation, agility, speed and reliability improved several orders of magnitude, laid a delicate foundation in order to achieve measurement Control.


care about the machines introduction of a qualitative change in the results of the instrument into a measure of the full system is characterized by parameters from the individual parameters measured change from innocence to take over performance change for the control, elucidation, treatment, care and performance output, measure changes into a single instrument with the measuring system measuring. 90 years, measurement control and instrumentation technology to break the hope that the improvement in the level of instrumentation intelligent; DSP chips in large numbers, digital banner instrumentation signal processing achievements greatly strengthened; the development of microcomputers, instrumentation with more strong ability of data processing and image processing results; fieldbus skills acquisition communication skills ninety months deft developed for a variety of field of play equipment and its control system automatically, Internet and Intranet skills will also enter the control range.

present and instrumentation products will be toward the direction of the digital acquisition, intelligent, integrated, interdisciplinary comprehensive plan to a total of sophisticated construction skills enable it to higher speed, more agile, more reliable, more succinctly, to be elucidate, detection, control the full range of news of things.

detailed measurement control and instrumentation of domestic trends can be summarized as the following: skills policy of continuous improvement, as the Olympic deeds slogan is higher , faster, stronger, measurement control and instrumentation in improving the skills, principles and results of measurement control is the eternal pursuit, the measure of control and instrumentation skills policy level is a quantified measure of a country control and instrumentation level identification table The Hutchison flag. Policy is to expand the scope of testing, such as voltage from nV to 100 million volts.

resistance from superconducting to 1014. Is to improve the measurement accuracy policy, property parameters measured increased to 0.02%, aerospace parameters measured more than 0.05%, to achieve the accuracy of measurement precision and scientific instruments times. To improve the measurement of agility to the development of a single particle, molecular, atomic level. Improve the measurement speed (response speed), static 0.1 to 0.02ms, the dynamic is 1us. Improve reliability, general request for 50,000 hours, high reliability request 250,000 hours. Gender confusion (change) 0.05% (precision instruments), or 0.1% (general instrument). Improve product environmental adaptability, according to different users request, high temperature, high humidity, high dust, fallen, vibration, shock, electromagnetic fields, radiation, deep water, rain, high voltage, low air pressure under the premise of adaptability.

large measure of control and instrumentation of new scientific research and high-tech skills to understand the world as a human, took the lead in the world first-hand tools, human conduct scientific research and engineering skills denounced to the most base tool. Humans have long to know how to advance preparation, the truth must first sharpen his tools, the new results of scientific research and inventions such as the message theory, control theory, systems engineering, micro-and macro-world research and a large number of high-tech skills, such as loss of weak flag signal extraction skills, regardless of software and hardware skills, gathering skills, laser skills, the superconducting skills, nano skills, etc. as the development of scientific skills of the emergency power of the measurement control and instrumentation.

instrumentation not only in itself has become a highly skilled new products, and dominated by the latest scientific and technological achievements of the new principles, new concepts, new skills, new materials and new technology integration devices and systems abound. Measuring unit micro-miniaturization, intelligent measurement control and instrumentation, a large number of new sensors, large areas and large areas of IC, regardless of machine, and expert system messages skill products, continue to micro-miniaturization, intelligence development, from the current show chip instrumentation, the chip to perform chamber, the chip system to see the micro and intelligent of the measuring unit will be long-term trends. Skills, micro and intelligent measurement unit embedded connectivity and networking skills to face up to.


measurement and control range is extended to the three-dimensional world of measurement control to the systematic collection development continue to follow the established regional monitoring and control instrumentation dimensional world and even the planet, instrumentation and measurement and control devices are no longer was the form of a single device, it must be systematized to the monitoring and control devices, to capture the direction of development. Such as monitoring and control system for a large-scale hydroelectric sitting, only detects the sensor of the dam safety up to thousands, in addition to the group status of each generator and the water level measurement and control of the environment point (I / O monitoring and control point) will be more than 10,000 points, to achieve large-scale hydropower sit normal power generation and transmission of the various monitoring and control point monitoring and control devices, it is necessary to form an organic monitoring and control acquisition system. Such as satellite monitoring and control system, a variety of sensors that are configured on the launch vehicle to reach thousands of various monitoring devices and satellites to form a complete automatic monitoring and control system, and then sat and multiple ground monitoring and control system constitutes a wide-area monitoring and control system.

at home and instrumentation skills to operate the current situation and latest developments in speed is relatively slow. At present, a complete range of instrumentation industry status quo, there are certain industry foundation in developing countries, is the upstream, but with the fortune of the State gap significantly. Limited by a systematic manner, mechanisms, economic and Technology, RBI, talent prerequisite for enterprises, scattered, weak, and technology to exclusion ability is not strong, the product is not gender confusion, the reliability gap, the market has shown high profile products funded and the main entrance, affordable products to the Chinese-funded enterprises mainly places pomp, and market areas, human capital, industry foundation in the upper hand, some of the large amount of a wide range of products will become the main produce and export .