Industrial take-off to promote Chinas mold industry development prospects

Industrial take-off to promote Chinas mold industry development prospects

Industrial take-off to promote Chinas mold industry development prospects
Because of the rapid development of Chinas industries, especially the automotive industry and it the development of manufacturing, stimulating the rapid growth of Chinas mold industry, the mold quality improvement, precision mold manufacturing equipment for the technical level of Chinas mold industry to enhance protection. The executive vice chairman and secretary general of China Mould Industry Association, said Cao Yanan, Chinas mold industry prospects are very optimistic about the mold industry is experiencing a “golden stage of development, the period ahead will continue to maintain sustained and rapid growth. A variety of products, materials, appearance, specifications and use the mold into the casting mold, forging mold, die casting mold, stamping mold, and other non-plastic mold,aluminium 7075. plastic mold, mold manufacturing diversity, complexity and applicability, and therefore the mold industry is called the “imperial industrial development prospects of Chinas mold industry called bright.

It is understood that more than 30,000 existing mold production enterprises, employing about 100 people, the import and export amounted to $ 4,000,000,000, the largest export provinces, municipalities are Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai .

recent years, the product structure adjustment of Chinas mold industry accelerated the development of large, sophisticated, complex, long-life molds for higher levels of mold faster than the speed of the development of industry as a whole, accounting for mold total about 35%. According to the reports of the gold-mode network, the import and export scale of Chinas mold industry has reached $ 4 billion, import and export each for about $ 2 billion, import and export of die structure is more reasonable prospects of Chinas mold industry is also showing a trend of “everywhere”.

from the industry structure, private enterprises, the rapid development and increased vitality of the state-owned enterprises, market-oriented professional mold manufacturers and capacity to improve rapidly adapt to the mold of the mold industry, the production features to gather the production zone to be developed, China The mold industry of the Midwest and other underdeveloped areas greater progress, more reasonable distribution of the mold industry.

2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry issued the mold industry “12th Five-Year Development Plan, this plan will guide the development of the majority of mold companies and our entire mold industry . Taking into account the economic development of developed countries is difficult to have a greater improvement in the short term, as well as the 2012 Chinas economic growth rate will further slow down (projected gdp growth of only 8.5%, about 0.7 percentage points lower than in 2011), is expected to The mold industry development will be slowing down. However, due to the comparative advantage of Chinas mold in the international market still exists, the domestic mold market is expected to also continue to be optimistic, it is expected there will be about 10% growth.

lay a solid foundation for Chinas mold industry to step into the world mold power in 2020, which is the overall goal of the mold industry “12th Five-Year”. Implementation of project-driven and export-driven mold industry “12th Five-Year strategy. According to analysis, the direction of the high-tech molds,bronze melting. mold products to large, sophisticated, efficient, high-performance mold as the main representative, and high-precision technology production equipment supporting development; mold production to information management, technology integration, well-equipped , manufacturing, digital, fine, processing speed and automation and intelligent control and green manufacturing direction; business development to the direction of the brand and internationalization; industry to the development of information technology, green manufacturing and sustainable direction. This is the mold industry trends. 2012, Chinas mold industry will be along these lines and objectives of sustainable development.

In addition to the above outlook, the 2012 development of the mold industry is expected and outlook of the following:

(1) Chinas mold industry growth rate may continue to slow, However, the domestic mold markets will remain in production and demand booming.

2011 mold industry investment in fixed assets continued to increase, which guarantees the 2012 annual production capacity of the improvement and upgrading of the level. 2012 Development of the mold main user industry may not be as sustained high growth, but required for new product development, mold is growing, the overall demand will remain strong. For example, the largest user of the mold – automobile industry, although the growth rate than in the past have fallen sharply, but the return to a rational consumer does not slow down the pace of development of new models.

so mold demand is still strong, strategic development of emerging industries and energy saving, engineering plastics, the mold will move higher and higher demands, many countries, the construction of key projects, key projects need a lot of the mold, therefore, market demand will continue to grow.