Indian foundry industry development status export downturn in growth

Indian foundry industry development status export downturn in growth

Said the Indian Foundry Industry Development

related news site cast high-level forum in the BRIC countries, the Indian Foundry Association, Chairman of the Indian foundry industry development The status quo published uh speech. He said that India currently has about 4600 casting is committed to a variety of metal casting production enterprises, the formation of the 19 industry gathering area and annual production of about 9 million tons, each companys average annual production of about 1950 tons, while the average person annual production of 20 “compared to Japan and other developed countries, this value is still low. International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui India in recent years is also the strong development of the foundry industry, domestic foundry products are exported to Europe and other countries,aluminum ball. the development of the foundry industry in recent years,hose supplier. there are certain results. Export growth or

India foundry industry can not be sustained

It is reported that casting industry in India next year growth trend will continue, mainly due to most Asian countries raise interest rates to curb inflation, commodity prices and crude oil prices will curb demand. Indias share of the global foundry industry accounts for about 9 percent, second only to China ranked second in the top six of the worlds casting production country, only the Chinese foundry output value during the economic crisis is still rising, it shows a strong ability to grow India, with still a considerable gap. International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui that significantly affect Indias foundry industry to the automotive industry, vehicles accounted for 32% in the whole field of casting consumption is accounted for the largest part of, but now the sales of the passenger car market has been very weak in lasted four months of decline, in November 2011 shows a modest growth.