How the machine tool industry to meet customer needs and develop customer relations

How the machine tool industry to meet customer needs and develop customer relations

How the machine tool industry to meet customer needs and develop customer relations

in modern market economy conditions, the customers and their needs is the basis for enterprises to establish and develop. How to better meet customer needs, is key to business success while Hanwei band sawing machine has been widely acclaimed in the industry.

band sawing customer analysis: customer needs can be roughly divided into two categories, one of the reasonable needs of customers, we have to be met ; the other is temporarily difficult to meet the demand. Demand for first class, we should go all out to customers all year round at the production site, to understand the use, maintenance, and process first-hand information, listen to their views did not hurt from the service point of view, the subjective will of the and more around the objective to turn,products china. turn, not so good. The second category is temporarily difficult to meet the needs of customers, often by factors of price, delivery period, and technical status. At this time we need to help customers analyze thoroughly, supplemented by carefully put it mildly, Wan not simply rigidly refused.

with Sawing customer analysis: Some customers require a higher technology and performance, it is best to buy universal equipment. big live, live, menial jobs, skilled work are able, this idea sometimes works for a long time does not work. Not to mention the state of technology at home and abroad in some cases also reach, it is even more impossible. When this happens, it is necessary to clear with the client. Some customers are often very concerned about the date of delivery, and this of his own truth, and sometimes customer customers embrace a contract is not easy, the production cycle can not keep up, production capacity need to improve quality assurance. Customer demand

when customers think of us, to put pressure on the delivery of the equipment, it is not. We should sympathize with the customers, and help customers to think of some way to put yourself in the. Some customers tend to delivery is very concerned about this of his own truth, and sometimes there is no way to predict the desires are excited, is not intended to meet the needs of the enterprise, but rather to stimulate the desire to buy, develop new products to guide trend,valve stem seals. the establishment of the advantages of a leader!

band sawing customer analysis: Some studies suggest that for every four times the purchase will be satisfied, and only 5% of satisfied customers will complain, most customers will buy less or turn to other enterprises. Therefore, the company can not complain about the level to measure customer satisfaction. Enterprises through regular surveys, determination of customer satisfaction status. Can random sample of existing customers, to send the questionnaire or by telephone consultation, to understand the customers impression of various aspects of the performance of the company. Or by telephone to recent buyers about their satisfaction is the number of tests can be divided into: a high degree of satisfaction; general satisfaction; no opinion; somewhat dissatisfied; extremely dissatisfied.

band sawing customer analysis: collecting information on customer satisfaction, ask some other questions to understand the customer re-purchase intention will be very favorable. In general, more satisfied customers to purchase the higher the possibility. The measure of whether the customers are willing to recommend this company and its products is also a very good reputation means that the enterprises to create high customer satisfaction to others. Understand the customer is not satisfied where in order to better improve customer satisfaction, to prevent the loss of old customers.

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