High-speed machining of tungsten carbide increasingly large proportion

High-speed machining of tungsten carbide increasingly large proportion

High-speed machining of tungsten carbide increasingly large proportion

increasing number of types of ceramic PVD technology development subdural include titanium nitride, titanium carbonitride, titanium carbide, alumina, diamond-like film and aluminum nitride, titanium and so on. Such ceramic dura mater is applied to the tool or mold, not only to improve the tool surface abrasion resistance, while retaining the toughness of the metal substrate. With the recent machine tool technology breakthroughs, cutting toward the high-speed, in order to shorten the machining time and improve workpiece surface accuracy.

“current machine development trend of high-speed, high precision and high quality. Luobai Hui said high speed operations on molds, cutting tools, mechanical parts of the surface treatment requirements has become increasingly high. To extend the service life, lower production costs, and create higher profits, is the common goal of the industry.

order to cope with the high-speed machining,ac adapters. a lot of processing time and cost savings, the improvement of the tool has become an important factor. Tungsten carbide have a higher wear resistance and hardness in the tool on the market of increasing importance.

Luo Baihui that to get the best benefits in the processing must select the appropriate surface treatment, medium, heavy-duty mold requires the use of CVD high temperature titanium, combined with precision vacuum heat treatment in order to achieve an acceptable amount of deformation. This section commonly used in cold forging dies, hydraulic pumping lead mold, tungsten carbide draw lines, pumping tube. Demanding cutting tools, molds and mechanical parts of the application in low load or precision, while low temperature (150 掳 C to 500 掳 C) PVD titanium is more appropriate.casting 360.


high alumina content TiAlN is easy to generate alumina in the surface of the dura mater. This layer of oxide film can titanium aluminum nitride ceramic dura resistance to oxidation temperature of 923 degrees Celsius to protect high-speed machining of tungsten carbide cutting tools, the edge resistance to oxidation and maintain the high temperature hardness. However, titanium nitride and titanium carbonitride at high temperature will also generate the oxide film of titanium dioxide, but not easy to mount and peeling off with the chip in the epidural, subdural lack of protection, rapid oxidation and deterioration. Therefore, whether high or low temperature coating surface treatment must select the appropriate substrate and heat treatment, complemented by fine polishing the surface of finely ground before processing, can be perfected.

ultra-high temperature resin combined with the processing efficiency of the diamond wheel to below METROX wheel, the wheel is combined with high intensity, short production cycle, low processing costs, particularly in grinding tool edge less prone to chipping, and use requirements, and repair to ground into a variety of complex shape forming wheel, long-term widely used in production are still being. How to further improve the grinding performance of such wheel has also become an important task in the current.

tool design, manufacture and use of the rapid development of technology, and tool production is increasing at present, ultra-high temperature resin bond diamond wheel is still not fully meet the requirements of high-volume production tool, its quantity and quality is still room for further development. To this end, in feather being further study how to enhance the grinding performance of this wheel, especially the wear resistance of the binder, the binder and bond strength of diamond abrasive and sharp, a lot of tests to obtain great progress. The test results show that the improved efficiency of the grinding wheel can be increased by about 20%, based on the original wheel life can be increased by about 50%.