Hardware power tool industry in China and huge development potential

Hardware power tool industry in China and huge development potential

Hardware power tool industry in China and huge development potential

in terms of the global hardware and tools market, or hardware tools in China market, extensive use of hand tools, and its demand for a large imagination, hardware tools, hand tools are also widely applied to the maintenance of the various industries. For example, nearly two years, the rapid increase in car ownership, making the automotive aftermarket car repair market is gradually heated up. The data show that car ownership in China has exceeded 35 million, including private cars exceeded 18 million, the last four years accounted for 60% of new car.

the power tool industry, belong to the equipment manufacturing industry. Power tools have been widely used in aerospace, high-speed railway construction, shipbuilding, automotive, mold making industries, and other equipment manufacturing sector, as well as road construction, decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other fields. Therefore, from the industry, electric tool industry is a high-tech industries.

power tools is the whole of society is the most widely used hardware tools, power tools because of its lightweight structure, carry and use to facilitate and produce more efficient, low energy consumption from the industry is widely developed into an indispensable tool for family life. With economic globalization, power tools market is booming. In recent years, the power tool industry showed a rapid development trend of domestic power tools sales volume accounted for 90% of the total sales in the domestic power tool market,forged irons. and a variety of imported brands, while only 10% of market share. Foreign power tools market, the proportion of Chinas manufacturing continues to expand, China has become the worlds leading power tools exporter and global power tools production base, has great potential for development of the industry.

our technical content is high, the function of professional power tools in Europe and the United States is still a large latent market demanding industry. Industrial countries in the economically developed regions such as Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, France and other countries in the European region, the North American region, the United States, Canada, the Asian region, Japan and other countries in the homework the use of electric tools are very common, accounting for the total output about 50% to 70% of electric tools products in the product market in the above-mentioned countries and regions, household power tools have a large share, but our industry produced exports of professional power tools in these areas is not large. Industry, high technology content of professional power tools, safety, electromagnetic compatible demanding, and have delineated the function, efficiency, reliability, durability, price is several times more than similar DIY tools, even more than 10 times, a variety of professional power tools are well-known brand in the international arena, such as Hilti, Bosch, Metabo Hammer, Black & Decker drill, Makita planers and other woodworking tools, century, circular saws, etc..

Looking at the industry environment, China is in full swing the industrial level, the full development of improved predecessors manufacturing,material aluminium. as well as the ensuing high-speed rail, ship and other basic initiative measures the construction of the older generation equipment manufacturing industry continued investment in the development and progression, gave the power tool industry has created an unprecedented market and development opportunities. According to statistics, the power tools market capacity of Chinas rapid growth is the growth rate of more than 25% per annum to 2012, the market capacity will reach 20.5 billion yuan. The other hand, after the financial crisis, the international industrial format also make strategic adjustments, Chinas industrial undertaking and the transformation also created a difference in the international market opportunities for domestic hardware.

Under normal circumstances, car service in the vehicle between 4-9 years the market is the largest, in accordance with the prevailing view in the international auto market after the The profits generated with the relative before the market, the ratio is about 7:3, after the markets profit in the entire automotive industry chain, at least more than before the market more than doubled.